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Theory : Optimism and Tarot cards

Feeling kinda good this day, I felt like doing a post about being optimistic. So of course, there might be other cards in the tarot deck that can be added to the list below, but these seemed to me to be the obvious ones. I took some out of this post because they seemed more related to “being confident”, “having strength” and such, so these will be in another post.

the SunPage of Wandsknight of wandsthe fool

The Sun : radiant, beaming, positive attitude, believing in oneself. The card stands for enthusiasm. The bright side. This card is always getting some “Aaaaah” when it’s coming up. Everyone is happy to get this card, well maybe not Dracula coming to think of it…

The Page of wands : childish exuberance. ready to jump in the fun.The page sometimes representing a message, this is the sign of some good news.

The Knight of Wands : an adventurous individual who has faith in his capacities, a charmer, who may be a little bit to self assured. Ambition might be indicated but enthusiast anyway.

The Fool: a happy go lucky fellow, careless, free as the wind and not aware of the potential danger of a situation. This individual lives for the moment, a very spontaneous energy.

3 of cups4 of wands10 of cups

The 3 of Cups : a celebration party, enjoying the pleasure of life, dancing. You’re in high spirits. Total glee. Your friends are supporting you and giving you an extra boost of energy.

The 4 of Wands : celebration again , harmony, a positive outcome bringing a sense of security. This one may be related to a ceremony which is making you feel very happy. A job well done is appreciated and you’re feeling good about it.

The 10 of Cups : total bliss. A cycle is accomplished. You are experiencing the joy of having goals accomplished. Satisfaction and completion.

the worldthe judgementthe star

The World too with an idea relating to fulfillment, feeling part of this world, complete.

The Judgment : feeling alive again. You’re on with the new. Rejuvenated and released.

The Star : having an ideal to look up to. I associate it also with faith and hopes. Focusing your energy on the pursuit of wishes and dreams.

There are some other cards then such as the 6 of wands, the Chariot, the Strength etc … Confidence, pro active attitude, going forward but they will be developped in another post,



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case analysis : mental, emotional and physical state

I still am playing with the wonderful spread I discovered at AT forum, the “how someone is…” spread. I’ll concentrate on the first 3 cards here for this post : the mental, emotional and physical states. It provides some really useful information. Yet this spread uses 15 cards in all so I guess it takes some time before one gets to make the most of it.

10 of pentaclesThe mental state/10 of pentacles
This person is a responsible one. Family, connecting to people, or to a community is an important concept.
The wealth shown here is related not only to money matters but also to spiritual ones. This person is an optimistic one. Always trying to look on the good sides of things. Well-being is the keyword here. Knowing what is important and working on it to achieve it.

4 of wands reversedThe emotional state /4 of Wands reversed
This one shows a lack of fulfillment in the matter of the heart, she might feel somewhat frustrated. The lack of freedom makes her feel somewhat bored. Her personal goal are not yet fulfilled. There is longing for stability.

the foolThe physical state / the Fool
the person is a free-spirited individual, a great deal of energy, and it shows in her body language, she moves a lot, doesn’t walk slowly. Moving like she’s free as the wind, … She looks younger than her age. She is somewhat unconventional. Her behavior or attitude is making her stand out of a crowd.

Well, that’s my take on it, enjoy !
feel free to comment,

Cheers, Jayce

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How someone is … Case study

1.the ace of swords / mental state
it indicates that this is someone who’s an intellectual individual,
A sharp mind and might be a sharp tongue as well.
He likes to talk and discuss things.He loves to communicate.
He is able to plan things. Outspoken and open to new ideas and concept.
Strategy is something that comes to my mind as well.

2.9 of swords / emotional state
emotionally he is overwhelmed with problems.
He is the intellectual one (see the ace of swords) who doesn’t know how to handle his feelings for the moment.
He tends to suffer from insomnia, thinking “what if ..” and making himself ill in the process.
He is depressed, or to the least very sad.

3.temperance / physical state
Physically, he is trying to reach a balance.
Maybe trying to heal from something.Convalescence.
In this period of turbulence in his life because of his emotions
which he cannot handle, he is at least trying to respect his outlook.
(or is he drinking to forget the problem, this is an issue I always
had with temperance,….thinking of altered states using some substances …I’ll make some research for this card’s meaning) of pentacles / family life
he is someone who takes care of his family
bringing practical solutions and also some of his wealth is shared with his relatives. He might be helping his parents financially, being supportive ?
he is modest about it, being good-hearted.

5.7 of pentacles / work life
he’s waiting for the fruits of his labor.
he is patient, could also be that something will be offered to him, like a job position but that he has to wait to receive an answer. he has accomplished some major work and is looking for the result.

6.Queen of cups reversed / home life
It might mean that he has no one right now and
actually suffer from not having anyone by his side.
Maybe his views concerning romance are somewhat
unrealistic, a bit immature.
I’d tend to go for a woman is wished but for
the moment being, he has no one and his home
as comfortable as it might be from a practical
point of view, is an empty one because there is
no one when he comes home.

7.5 of cups reversed / friendships
His friends are trying to make him realize that
all his not lost.Seems to me that family and
friends are the important thing for him, as no
women is providing him what he hopes for.

8.Justice / relationships
a bit stern, but a realistic approach is what I see here.
a balanced approach, being fair in relationship.
It might shows his hopes to have someone to make it legal with ?
When he goes with someone, he doesn’t take things lightly, not the kind to have a fling just for fun ???

9.the death / how he feels about me
he sees me as someone who brings a major transformation
in his life, He feels there is the opportunity to end
a cycle and start with a new one, but it is a gradual change,
which also might feel him scared.No turning back here ….
other thing that comes to mind : he might be scared that I know
about it intuitively, like I X-ray him or something and/or
see me as a Vamp kind of woman (drop dead gorgeous, okay, I may hope alright ^^).

10.the chariot reversed / what is ending
this is the sign that stagnation is coming to an end.
Or the ending cycle is struggling to come to an end.dunno.

11.the star reversed / what is beginning
What is beginning, a bit at loss here, difficult to know what this
might mean. Optimism is what the star is all about but here the card is reversed.
Could it speak about delays, like it’s coming around the way, but it’s not yet around your block …..

12.4 of swords reversed / success/rewards
He is or will be feeling successful at putting anguish in the
past where it belongs.This is a period of recovery. He’s been
depressed but it’s time to come out of bed and take action.
the more I look at these cards, the more I feel this is someone who’s been through some major stuff/tragedy in his life, he went into a shell, and now he’s trying to get out a little bit more, but it’s not all that easy ….

13.6 of wands reversed / fears/concerns
He fears the lack of success.
might be a perfectionist. The angst of not making it is what popped immediately.

14.4 of pentacles / unexpected unknown
a party, a change of home or something in the home
which is evolving and in a good way.

15 5 of pentacles / them overall
Most of the time, he’s a loner, doesn’t feel at home in
any place, or somewhat excluded.

Hopefully, I won’t remain single all my life and I’ll see if that all of that was accurate, but it surely was fun to read that spread.
I’ll appreciate some feedback on that one, lol, as I spent my afternoon on this analysis.


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Layout : how someone is

I found this spread at Aeclectic Forum : I love that place. If you wish to learn tarot, discover decks, share your passion with a very friendly community, it’s the place to be. You can lurk as much as you want before deciding if you wish to register. I registered a time ago, and only started to post a few days back, I found it very fulfilling, well beyond my expectations. So if it’s not clear already, get there, enjoy the journey 🙂

This spread was posted by a member, and as soon as I found it, I knew I’d have to try it very soon. It’s the “How someone is ?” spread. You can really develop a strong reading here, may not be the one you should try if a complete newbie though. Just like the human psyche, it is multi-layered and therefore connecting all the informations you may get from this layout is not the easiest task. Depending on your skills this type of reading can take 30 min up to 90 min. It uses 15 cards so it’s quite thorough, covering many sides of a personality. You can do that for yourself or or person you want to know about. You can use it as well for creative writing, developing characters in your story, as you elaborate a scenario.


example of the layout

How someone is (15 layout spread)

  1. Mental State
  2. Emotional State
  3. Physical State
  4. Family life
  5. Work life
  6. Home life
  7. Friendships
  8. Relationships
  9. How he/she feels about me (or “how am I perceived in general by people” if you do that reading for yourself)
  10. What he/she’s ending
  11. What he/she’s beginning
  12. Success/Reward
  13. Fears/Concerns
  14. Unexpected
  15. Him/Her overall

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Reading about love

Question : What does the future hold for me in the next future regarding a love relationship ?

Layout used : the horseshoe spread (a 7 cards layout)
This should reflect what is going to happen in the next 3 months or so.

10 of cupsQueen of Cupsthe judgement7 of wands3 of pentacles7 of pentaclesthe world

The past : the 10 of Cups
The present : the Queen of Cups
The next future : the Judgment
The answer : 7 of Wands
The surrounding energies : the 3 of Pentacles
The attitude : 7 of Pentacles
The outcome : the World

First of all, I was mostly surprised I had no reversed cards. I mean, the last times I did phrase that question for relationship readings I had mostly “negative” cards, and some of them reversed, and yes, it was accurate. Right on target.

Like, I always had the 9 of wands, which really reflected on my situation : being on my guard, or being afraid to be caught off guard, to the very least a state of caution regarding relationships, due to my past experience. This card was a recurrent one, and I don’t do readings for myself every week, most of the time I leave several months in between. I do think it is quite useless to ask the same question every week when it is about such an important matter. You have to leave some time in between readings in order to let your life evolves. The cards answers just won’t be relevant, if one ask the same question every 2 days or so.

The past with the 10 of cups is reflecting my parents, the family unit. I’m not in a relationship and the last one I had was surely not in the same spirit of that 10 of cups. So the past cards which refers to the last 2 years or so, means that love received was coming from my own family. (Maybe it shows what I hope for.)

The present :The Queen of Cups
It is the first time I’m represented by this Queen. This Queen is intuitive, emotional, sensitive, caring. More the kind to base her judgments on how she feels. I guess here it shows that I now center my life around the emotional quality which I try to achieve.
Even though I have my bills to pay just like anyone, the quality of my life is not based on the material aspect of it.

The fact that I’m now involved in the making of this blog may also be the creativity and the intuition side of this Queen. Indeed, I look at symbolism a lot right now, in paintings, sculptures or photographies, I’ve always been a very visual kind of person, but I felt it went to another degree recently. My imagination is going to another level, may I say.

Unlike in my 9 of wands period, I’m able to face the emotional pain in a different way. My emotional strength is in full swing now. I’m waiting patiently for an opportunity.

The next future : The Judgment
Self knowledge again here. This Major Arcana may also speak of spirituality.
Could it be that I’m actually cleansing from the hurt. Seems to me. I may have the opportunity to close this chapter for good and move on. Whether I’ll meet someone or not is unclear to me, but nevertheless this will be an important chapter in my life and a beneficial one. I’m going to feel “alive” again.

The surrounding energies : the 3 of pentacles
Studying, attending a course … Well, here it is related to my work, and also my daily process of learning the tarot. Solid foundations. I focus on what is going to be important in my life.

The attitude : 7 of pentacles
I’m thinking about where life is taking me, realizing that certain things may take time before I will enjoy the outcome. Once again here, I see it more related to my job and my tarot learning process. Might mean that this aspect will be the focus, and not a relationship. And that’s actually a bit how I feel, there’s no rush. I mean I also like the benefit one might enjoy as being single.

The outcome : the World
Becoming a whole through my past experiences. I’ll overcome the obstacles. Reaching another level of awareness.

The answer : 7 of wands
the competition card. Firstly, I had no idea. I draw a total blank. Just like this card wasn’t related to the others in the layout. I couldn’t relate it to the others in a storyline. It was a bit like watching tv and then without warning someone is changing the channel. So, I let it for a while and looked at the draw again. Some difficulties will be on the way, but with the support of the World card as the outcome, I should be able to rise above those problems gracefully.
Note: This just crossed my mind, it is also the ability to say “no”. Indeed, I didn’t respond to my ex, as he once again tried to contact me. I answered my mobile and when I figured it was him on the other side of the line, I didn’t continue the conversation. (He hid his number, so I didn’t acknowledge it was him at first, other while I wouldn’t have even bothered to respond in the first place). So a firm “No” will help me to reach what the card “World” is showing.

Conclusion : Meeting someone is not what I see in this draw, more connecting with myself and the fulfillment of that. All in all, a very good period in on the way for me.


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Reading about a love relationship

The question:
What does the future hold for me in relationships in the next future ?
The time frame chosen was: the next 3 months.

Layout : the horseshoe spread

9 of wands reversedknight of cups reversedknight of wands8 of pentacles reversed6 of swordsthe hanged man

the past : the 9 of wands reversed
the present: Knight of Cups reversed
the next future: Knight of Wands
the answer: 8 of Pentacles reversed
the surrounding energies: 6 of Swords reversed
the attitude: the Hanged Man
the outcome: The Ace of Cups
additional card for the next future: the Emperor
additional card for the outcome: Queen of Cups reversed

The 9 of wands reversed. In the past, there was a relationship that didn’t end well. As a consequence, she’s on the alert, somewhat insecure about intimacy. The present is the Knight of Cups, reversed that is : her vision of love is not realistic, it clouds what life may actually be offering to her. An immature attitude towards romantic affairs is shown here.

She might be day-dreaming at this point. This might feel like a gloomy period to her. In the next 3 months, there might be someone enthusiastic, and passionate making a move. It could also be someone who moves, who travels, someone you meet as you are travelling. (the Knight of Wands).
There, an extra card was chosen : the Emperor. The card is upright. Compared to the past, and the present card, it shows at least that energies with the Knight and the Emperor are actually more positive. Both cards are upright. Be on the look out, the Knight of Wands is not always reliable, but the Emperor balances that. He is practical and reliable. The material and practical aspects are important things to him. The Knight of wands and the Emperor have this in common : qualities of leadership, going forward, demanding on the negative side may be someone too controlling. Now, could it be qualities of the client : it may portray her as being very active in her professional field. Being on the go with her career ensuring that the material aspect of her life is under control.

The Hanged Man sees her being bound, maybe to her past. The 9 of wands and the Knight of Cups (both reversed) already tends to show that. But this one is more positive as it also denotes that she may see things under another angle, she has the ability to develop a philosophy to live by and gain inner strength from that. It doesn’t show her making a move forward, but being contemplative towards love matter. A period of Re-evaluation. When being hung up like that you’re of course going nowhere but the option of looking inside is available.

Waiting for a change can that way be fruitful, if you re-adjust what you need in life, what you expect from love. The Knight of Cups reversed shows somewhat unrealistic wishes at the present. The energy surrounding the question shows the 6 of swords reversed which re-inforce the idea of being in a state of limbo. But it also says that the stability of her life is driving her nuts at this point, something is driving her to the point of conflict. The hanged man and the 6 of swords combined suggests standstill and advice her to examine her belief. The combination of the 6 of swords reversed and the hanged man make me think about “storm under the quiet surface of the water”.

The outcome is the Ace of Cups. There, we have at least something positive ! This ace shows a new understanding of love, maybe the beginning of a relationship. An opening of the heart. An add card was pulled at this point : the queen of Cups reversed. indicating mood swings. Thus, there are still some unresolved issues from the past that might prevent her to meet someone in the next 3 months.
The 8 of Pentacles reversed as the answer tends to confirm that option as it might means “workaholic”. There is still a long memory of emotional pain that are in the way of meeting someone, she will be probably too busy with work in the next months to meet someone. Still the possibility to learn from the past is there with the ace of cups and the hanged man, and this is something she’ll use afterwards not only in relationships but in her every day life as well. And life with the Knight of Wands and the Emperor won’t be dull. Those 3 months will be over before she knows it.

Cheers, hope you enjoyed this reading and the analysis of it. Comments are welcome,


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Cards about love

the loversace of cupsAce of Wands

Love is of course one of the main reasons people ask for a reading. Not that I am complaining. I just shuffled my deck today, and flipped the cards one by one.
As I looked at each card, I jotted down these thoughts trying to connect them with events related to love. Well, of course, all cards could be related to this topic in some way or another, but some seems to be more obvious than others. I’ll start only with the upright cards. I’ll keep the reversed for another post.

The lovers card comes to mind of course, but contrary to popular belief this may remain platonic. It may speak about the affection 2 individuals have for one another. So it may sometimes indicates a soul mate but this could be the friend you’ll keep for a lifetime. Or maybe just an indication that you are at present in your life, listening to your physical and spiritual needs when making a choice.

The Ace of Cups is showing a time when you discover about love, about expressing it and receiving it. My stepsister that I love dearly, and who’s lucky in love and doesn’t know anything about tarot; just once looked at the whole deck. I actually was wondering what would be her reaction to the cards as she has no notion of the card’s meaning, she just looked at the Ace of Cups and said “This looks beautiful. Very catholic in a way, but I love the details of it”. By the way, it was the medieval Scapini tarot deck. So the Ace of Cups is about a new relationship, or taking the existing relationship to the next level.

The Ace of Wands is a very phallic looking card. It may means fertility, but one thing for sure when you get this as an answer for a relationship reading, the spark between the 2 individuals is there and this could lead to a passionate fling, if not a relationship. It says physical action. Think “Start me up” by the Rolling Stones when you see this card.

2 of cups3 of cups The 2 of Cups is the sharing between 2 individuals. The sharing is beneficial for both and both are working on the relationship. The 4 of wands and/or the 6 of wands is for the commitment. The 10 of cups is also a good indicator.

The 3 of Cups may simply denote friendship, a party. But it may point a marriage/commitment : the celebration party. Look if the Empress is around, she is the mother card, the home stability. (and if there is one of the Pages : it may indicate a women’s pregnancy). Look for the 9 of pentacles as well. When it comes to being committed, the 8 of pentacles shows the will to work on the relationship, doing what’s right to make it work. The 6 of wands is the coming home with success. The 4 of wands alone may mean redecorating a house, but with the other 2 cards : moving in with someone, making room for a relationship … the 10 of cups which shows a loving family could indicate a true bliss.

8 of pentacles6 of wands4 of wands10 of cups

8 of wandsThe 8 of wands on the other end speaks about something happening quickly. It doesn’t promise to stay. It may also represent someone who’s making a move on you. But it could move out as soon as it moves in. “Carpe diem”. Enjoy, but don’t look yet for commitment, first things first. Think “I need U tonight” by INXS.

5 of cups

The 5 of Cups shows sadness. it is the mourning card. along with the 9 of swords it may point to serious issue like depression, endless nights without sleep, crying for the lost love. Look if there is the Tower and the Death card as well, it could lead to something very serious like a nervous breakdown, something very hard to go through.

8 of cupsThe 8 of cups is someone leaving the relationship if there is one. Which can be a good thing if it is an abusive relationship. and if there is none, it might be someone who’s leaving pain, sadness, grief behind in order to seek something more fulfilling. If the relationship was a bad one, then it is a good sign, you leave the pain behind, you keep on going on your journey, looking out for a better place for you in the world.

The 3 of swords is yet another card that shows the pain one has when a meaningful relationship is coming to an end. I see the 7 of cups as illusion in love, not knowing what you need or want in a relationship, especially associated with the Moon for example.

3 of swords7 of cupsthe moon4 of cups

The 4 of cups is a card you may get when being bored in a relationship. maybe it is a sign that love has turned into a dull routine. If the 7 of pentacles is around, you might be reconsidering options. Should I stay or should I go ? You are in need of “Alive and Kicking” (Simple Minds).

5 of pentaclesthe hermit

The 5 of pentacles is being poor in the matter of the heart ( if the question is about love of course) this card is about financial matters, but in regards to feeling : it shows being left out, not having a home to come to. The Hermit is a solitary individual, who could though long for a soul mate, but also someone who’s dedicated to something else in life, and has no wish to fall in love.

10 of wandstowerpage of cups10 of cupsthe empress

The 10 of wands : someone is carrying all the burden of the relationship on his shoulder. It may show an abusive relationship, or someone who’s always victimizing himself. Or maybe just overloaded with work, and is not looking for any other trouble at the moment.

The Tower is actually tricky and should be analysed with the cards around it. Could be a love at first sight thing, but also the brutal ending of a love affair that really alter your view on relationships.

The page of cups is a messenger of love, the very beginning of a love affair, the early states.

10 of cups shows a happy family. the empress is the card of fertility, the mother card.
These 2 together with the ace of wands could indicate the addition of a little one to the family.

temperancethe hanged manthe starthe devil

Temperance may show a time when you are feeling good with yourself. If you have suffered a break up in the past, you are now sort of having a balanced approach. You may not be ready to have a relationship yet, but you are experiencing peace of mind.

The Hanged Man may show a humanitarian. Someone expecting stuff to happen also, not the kind to make a move, but the kind who’s waiting for the other one to make the move. I have seen it in reading representing someone that was “once bitten twice shy”, yet compassion is there as well. The Star card is indicating a renewal in faith and hope for life as well.

The devil is a card indicating passion in some reading. But you have to look for the cards around it, because this can indicate a passion that is blind. And maybe destructive. Surely not the quiet type.

Any court card appearing in the reading may indicate the type of person around you, the kind of person the universe is sending to you.

well, that’s it for now. Hope this is helpful. I feel I deserve my coffee now. Jayce.

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