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The Grand Tableau / Workshop 1, part 1

Hi there, I will start the breakdown of a Grand Tableau to apply the theory that has been covered until now. I will do this in several posts, step by step. Click on the picture that represents the Grand Tableau to view it full size if you need. I only put the cards that will be read in this post. I think it keeps things visually simple. This is actually a spread I did for myself, so feedback will be easy. If you need to read some theory first, click on the link “The Grand Tableau” within the Lenormand cards category on the right of this page.

The location of the Querent’s card is the first thing that will be analysed and then, the 4 corners.

The woman card is located in House 19 within the spread. The House 19 is the house of the Tower. Keywords for the Tower card : isolation, separation, being estranged, limitations, independence. Well, actually I am single and feeling somewhat isolated at the moment. I also have high ideals. And I am independent.

Now the 4 corners : the Coffin, the Dog, the Child, the Letter.

So, the topic of the “Coffin” is in the querent’s mind. Keywords for the Coffin : what is standing still at the moment, what is ending, the end and a new beginning. The Coffin may also stand for a disease. The Tree card is the theme card for health, but when the disease has been diagnosed already, it is represented by the Coffin. I pretty much know what this is all about.

When in doubt though just have a look at the cards around the number 1 spot (here the Coffin) : position 2, 9 and 10. In this Grand Tableau : the Bear in 2, The Book in 9 and the Clouds in 10. The Bear here is standing for my father, the Clouds is a card representing troubles and from the point of view of health : it is the respiratory system, the lungs. And the Book is there I suppose to testify that the disease has been found. The Bear is in the second house which is the house of the Clover : it testifies of his positive attitude towards the disease. The Clouds are in the 10 House : the Scythe. Indeed there is danger, and the way we learned about it was abrupt and was a shock. Still the Book being in the house of the Bouquet, in 9, it shows the treatment which is going well at the moment.

As for the 3 others cards in the corner :
I also think about partner and soulmate whenever I see the Dog; and indeed I am expecting some positive changes in that area as well. And indeed, the Man card is just next to the Dog, in house 24. House 24 is the house of the Heart. More on that later on. Still with the Child, the Letter and the Dog; it speaks of change or the wish to experiment a change.

the position of the querent : the woman card is within the third row. Only 2 cards on the left to speak about the last 6 months, and many cards on its right : this means the querent is future oriented. Interestingly enough, the man card is at the end of the third row. More on that topic, later on, as I continue the breakdown of this Grand Tableau.

Hope you find this useful 😀


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The Grand Tableau / Part 7

Hi there, the next step in the reading of the Grand Tableau will be about the 4 corners, as indicated by the image (click on the picture to view it bigger, if you need). The 4 corners are the first, the 8th, the 25th and the 32th card that were put on the table as you laid down the cards.

The first card is giving information about the thought of the querent. What is important to him (or her) at the moment, what’s in his mind. It sets an important theme in the layout. You are busy with that topic at the moment. This first card must be read with the other one in the diagonal, thus the bottom right : 32th card (number 4 in the picture). You can actually look at those 4 cards in the corners, and a meaning might come naturally to your mind. Try to come with something that links those 4 cards into one concept. A good way to proceed when you begin reading the Grand Tableau is to note the keywords of each card, one next to another. And doing so, you might actually manage to remove the clutter and come up with the meaning.

Hope this helps in your learning of the cards,

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The Grand Tableau / Part 6

Hi there, the 6th post for the Grand Tableau will be locating the card of the querent.

After laying the 36 cards on the table, the first thing to do is to locate the place of the Querent. So the man (card 28) or the woman (card 29). The position within the spread already give some information.

Traditionally, the cards on the left of the querent’s position stands for the past and cards on the right are for the future. When the card is on the far left, it means the querent is very future oriented. In the picture, for example, this would be the case for the card 2 or 3. For the card number 2, the person is very future oriented. For the card 3, the past is told by the two cards on its left, and give away some informations that are still somewhat important to the querent.

For the card 4, the querent is influenced by the past, it still has a huge influence on him/her at the present. Unresolved issues are hinted here. This is the extreme case as there are no card on its right.

Whenever the card is on the lower part of the spread, such as card 5 or card 6, the querent may feel exhausted, has a lot on his/her shoulder. One doesn’t feel much control over things at the moment. And in that case, some other spreads might be used after the Grand Tableau of course, in order to seek how the querent could resolve that very problem.

On the contrary, if the card is within the first top line of the spread, card 1 on the picture : it is a sign of control. One has a good grip on things.

Remember, this is the way we read a book, from left to right, top to bottom. (Not in all parts of the world, I know …) The left of the querent = the past, the right of the querent = the future .

Hope this helps you in reading this spread,
to be continued of course 😀

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The Grand Tableau / Part 5

Still on the topic of the Grand Tableau, this is the 5th part already. This post will be the follow up post concerning the cards representing people in the spread. The fourth was about women, this one will be about men.

The Man card portrays the querent or the partner. A husband or a love relationship. When the querent is a single woman and wishes to know about the next relationship, the Man card is the first card to look at. Informations about him will be given by the surrounding cards.

As already posted in the fourth post about the Grand tableau : the card such as the Dog, the Anchor, the Heart, and also the Tree and the Coffin are important as they give extra informations. The dog means you know the person in one way or another. You might simply have heard about him, met him once or twice, you may not be that close, but he is not unknown to you. The anchor being the card about work, it can be a co-worker. The heart means loving or loved. The tree and the coffin are related to health, so it may represent your doctor for example.

The cards that portray the four Kings are next when it comes to represent men in the Grand Tableau.

The House (4) / King of Hearts : a good man, someone with a good heart. The family man. Someone beloved. May represent the next relationship, especially if the heart card is around it. If the card for family is standing next to it, the Lily, then, it represents someone like your brother, your uncle … About the same age as the querent, if the Lily is not around of course. The Lily can show the generation gap, or means “older”.

The Clouds (6) / King of Clubs : a man that can be difficult and temperamental. May stand as the key card for the ex partner. Some man who is a rival. There is though the possibility that this card represent the next relationship if the heart card is next to it. Again if the Lily is around : an uncle, a brother. Co-worker with the anchor etc … Also the stepfather might be represented by the cloud card.

The Lily (30) / King of Spades : a man who is older than the querent., for example the Father . Again may be the next relationship if the Heart is standing next to it though. Can also be the stepfather if the relationship with him is lived peacefully. If the relationship with the stepfather is perceived as being difficult, then he is represented by the clouds. Also, check if the dog is around : then it is a friend or it testifies of the friendliness. The anchor will show a co-worker etc …

the Fish (34) / King of Diamond : a man who is slightly younger than the querent. With the Heart card, a new lover. With the Lily : an uncle, brother … A friend with the Dog, a co-worker with the Anchor etc …

the Bear (15) : can be your boss, especially when the Tower is near. Can also be the grandfather.

Again, I hope this helps

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The Grand Tableau / Part 4

This post will be about the cards standing for people in the layout that is named the Grand Tableau. I will start with cards representing women. For previous post about the Grand Tableau, check the category on the right side of the page. This is the fourth post about this spread.

The Lady card (29) is pretty obvious of course, it represents the querent or the partner. A wife, or significant other. If single, the lady card will be the first one to look at, as being the next potential relationship for the querent. If you are doing the Grand Tableau for yourself, and you’re a woman; then the Woman card is always you.

A rule of thumb is to always look at the surrounding cards. The Dog will be an indication that you know about that person already. The Book on the contrary is the indication that you don’t know that person yet. Other cards to look at : the House and the Lily as they will show a family member. The Anchor will be for a co-worker. And finally, the Tree or the Coffin may show a doctor, a nurse …

Therefore, the Woman card will also represent a sister, an aunt, a family member : when the House or the Lily card are surrounding the woman card.

The next four cards representing a woman in the Grand Tableau are the cards that portrays the 4 Queens.

The Storks (17)/Queen of Hearts will stand for a woman around the same age as the querent, with a good heart. It actually may stand for a loved one, when the Heart card is around. Again it may represent a sister, an aunt whenever the House or the Lily are around. Co-worker, if the Anchor is there, etc … same as the woman card.

The Crossroads (22)/ Queen of Diamond is a younger woman than the querent, and can also stand as the new relationship if the Heart is standing close to it. Again look for the House or Lily card : and it will be a relative. If the Anchor is around, a co-worker.

The Bouquet (9) / Queen of Spades will be for a slightly older woman. Again if the Heart is around, it brings the potential of a new love relationship. The Bouquet can also be the mother in the Grand Tableau. If the Snake is next to it, it can actually show the step mother.

The Snake (7) /Queen of Clubs may represent a difficult woman but not always. It may actually represent an ex, a rival. A stepmother especially if she is perceived as being “difficult”. She also stands for a woman of great knowledge.

The Birds (12) may represents a couple. Traditionally the Birds represent a couple of elder people. And also the grand mother, an older woman.

Again, I hope you find this helpful in your learning of the cards,

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The Grand Tableau / Part 3

Hi there,

this is yet the Third part on the Grand Tableau. The post is about the keycards to look at whether you use the Grand Tableau (or another spread, for that matter). Always keep in mind that the surrounding cards are very important and give a lot of detail about the theme of the cards. Here we go …

When looking at The Grand Tableau, first locate the Man and The Woman card. They represent you and your significant other, whether you know that person or not already. If you are a woman, the Woman card represents you and the Man card can represent your husband/partner/future boyfriend …. but sometimes, it may just be a male individual around you, like a friend, especially if the Dog is around that Man card. If Anchor is next to the Man card, it may represent a colleague (man + the keycard for work).

The Heart is the keycard for love in the Grand Tableau : look at the surrounding cards. It may represent a love that is going to enter in your life of course. But it sometimes is the representation of your love affair that just ended. Or the hope of a love affair … Keep in mind that the Heart will be in the layout anyway because this spread uses all the cards, so the Heart will be somewhere … There are many facets to love : it may be the love for work, for a hobby … So not necessarily passion and marriage.

The Ring is the card for commitment. So this is the card to look at concerning marriage and also contract. The Ring is not necessarily a sign of marriage though. Same as the Heart, you will have to look at the surrounding cards again : is it a past commitment that ended ? A contract that will be signed in the future ?

The Dog is the card that stands for someone you know, a friend. If it is surrounded by cards that are concerning work : a colleague. It is one of those cards that you first find easy, only to find that there is more than meet the eye. Surrounded by cards that suggest an hospital, the Dog is representing for example the doctor.

The Anchor is the card that I usually look at whenever work is concerned. Some prefer to look at the Fox. The traditional view of this card is actually the Anchor. The Anchor stands for stability. And therefore the stability that you have in life through your work and your salary. Talking of finances : the Bear is representing the state of your cash flow (bear is connected to strength and power) and the Fish card is for finances. I personally look at both.

The Tree is the keycard for Health. And also stands for long lasting thing. For example, next to the Ring or the Heart : it is a stable contract or a long lasting relationship … Tree stands for Health but never forget you don’t stand as a doctor …

The House is of course your home, the place you live, your private life. Whenever considering moving place, this is of course the card to look at.

Hope you found this useful, cheers

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The Grand Tableau / Part 2

Hi there,

first of all, thanks for the feedback I am getting in comments : it actually keeps me motivated ! I am also happy to see the stats in my dashboard going up. Apparently, some of you are finding those posts helpful in their learning of the cards. So thank you all 😀
Here is the second post dedicated to the Grand Tableau. In the first one, you saw how to put the cards on the table. In this spread, all the cards of the deck are being used. So, 36 of them. Every position within the spread carries a meaning that you will associate later on with the card that stands in there. Of course, surrounding cards are nevertheless important.

I think it is like astrology in a way : the chart is divided into houses as well and planets are within some houses, and the aspects between the planets are important. Are you beginning to see the difficulties that are ahead ? You will see though that it is also part of the fun. There are many levels of reading within the Grand Tableau. Many layers to play with. In the next posts, I think I will talk about the cards that are representing people and I will also start to talk about “theme cards”. Hope you find this second post helpful. See below the image for all the “Houses” and their associated meanings.


  1. The house of the Rider : House of thought, what is in your mind at the moment
  2. The house of the Clover : for luck
  3. The house of the Ship : for wishes, longing (also connected to travel), nostalgia
  4. The house of the House : for stability and the home, private life
  5. The house of the Tree : for stability as well, long term things, for life lasting matters
  6. The house of the Clouds : for unclarity, where there is confusion
  7. The house of the Snake : for troubles, things that are taking “turns” instead of going straight to the point.
  8. The house of the Coffin : for endings, illness, things that are standing still
  9. The house of the Bouquet : friendship, happiness, bliss, invitation
  10. The house of the Scythe : what happens all of a sudden, warning, danger. Beware of this.
  11. The house of the Whip : communication, arguments and dispute sometimes
  12. The house of the Birds : anxiety, talking, gossip, excitement
  13. The house of the Child : pregnancy or the wish of one, new beginnings
  14. The house of the Fox : lies and threat, (also”work” if you associate the Fox with it)
  15. The house of the Bear : power, strength
  16. The house of the Star : spirituality, hopes and faith, a higher plane
  17. The house of the Storks : changes, improvements
  18. The house of the Dog : friendship, faith, trust, help
  19. The house of the Tower : authorities, (the state) separation, estrangement
  20. The house of the Garden : public, network, connections, gathering, in the open
  21. The house of the Mountain : house of the opponent, of blockages
  22. The house of the Crossroads : separation, decision, parting ways
  23. The house of the Mice : loss and anxiety, fears
  24. The house of the Heart : love
  25. The house of the Ring : commitment (in love and work as well, a contract)
  26. The house of the Book : what is unknown, studies
  27. The house of the Letter : news, communication, contacts
  28. The house of the Man : house of the querent or the partner (actual or future)
  29. The house of the Woman : house of the querent or the partner (actual or future)
  30. The house of the Lily : family, connections between members of the family, sexuality
  31. The house of the Sun : where every thing is fine, success
  32. The house of the Moon : feelings, and success as well.
  33. The house of the Key : security, self confidence
  34. The house of the Fish : finances (and the soul as well)
  35. The house of the Anchor : work, stability
  36. The house of the Cross : house of Karma, what stands in your life as a test

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