“How someone looks” using the lenormand cards

This a case analysis using the Lenormand cards to determine how someone looks like. The key card here is the Man.

The Snake (7), The Clover (2), The Book (26), The Man (28), The Cross (36), The Scythe (10), The Bouquet (9)

The question : what is he going to look like ?

The Book stands for someone discreet, private. With the Clover on its left, I tend to think he is someone curious and interested in many different topics. Intelligent (the Snake and the Book), but someone who doesn’t brag about it (The Book). And with the Snake on the far left, I would even say he is someone very modest, somewhat self deprecating. With a sense of humor that is smart, you have to allow some time for this individual to open himself. The cards on the right now, the Cross : tired and or lonely, coming through a hard period of his life with the Scythe on its right. I also thought of scars with that three cards association. The Bouquet also means good looking. Conclusion would be good looking and sharp, great sense of humor but somewhat discreet, and the cards on the right are telling me something about “being hurt”, having scars …



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  1. 1

    phoenixoracle said,

    Hi Jayce,

    The only cards I can make out as physical descriptions is bouquet and snake.
    Bouquet being attractive and a great smile, might have nice teeth, next to scythe, since that’s the card for teeth. I agree that he could of had an injury or scars, and may have had surgery (scythe) to make himself better looking (bouquet)

    Snake is generally lean, and has a flexible body with long hair. but since it is further away, things may have changed for him, and someone may not recognise him now (book)


  2. 2

    jaycetravel said,

    Hi Phoenix,

    maybe he had something like an accident and has some replacement teeth ? ah well, we’ll see … but I feel something strongly with scars here …. just my intuition of course, so when I will be able to post the feedback; I will do so !
    (for a while, I was wondering if the cards on the right were about a tatoo, because of the scythe/needle and bouquet/a design, that is meaningful/ the cross)

    / Talking of changing looks, I should change mine ! my avatar, that is … I like yours and every time I see it, I think I should change mine which is the one that was given by default by wordpress ! iI have been playing around with pictures but haven’t found something that I like enough … /

    thanks for your input 😀

  3. 3

    phoenixoracle said,

    Hi Jayce,

    I like that thought about “tattoo’ that is definitely something i will also keep at the back of my mind. Perhaps the tattoo is of a “cross”. Snake+clover is combination for ‘repair’ or a solution to a problem. Certainly does look like, he has had some sort of ‘reconstruction’ doesn’t it?

    Yes I used the “key” from the mystical as my avatar, I’m not quite sure how i did it either, I think i just uploaded from my pics.


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