Daily reading N°1 about my trip in Paris, France

I am back from Paris, France and it has been wonderful. Cold weather but wonderful. I actually wished I could stay longer … I have made daily readings with my Lenormand cards. I don’t make daily readings usually. But here I just knew it would be interesting because I was taking a more than welcomed break from the routine. Thus the informations shown by the cards would be more interesting. I came to Paris on Friday end of the afternoon. My intention was to go out for the whole evening of course. Here are the cards :

the rider 01the birds 12the garden (20)the book 26the fish 34

the rider, the birds, the garden, the book, the fish

I am in a playful mode so I will update the post later on and keep the suspense a little bit … But what would be your take on this draw ? What happened that evening ? It would be interesting to use this draw as a sort of exercise 😀


*Edited to Add*

well you were close ! And this was so much fun : I think I will post the other daily draws I’ve been doing the same way. It is interesting to see your comments. Thank you so much for that.

The Rider was there I guess to point out the fact that I was about to go out and about … My direction was the Champs Elysees ! So quite a lot of people …. the Christmas lightning was just wonderful : it was eerie. I walked the Champs up and down, looking at the windows, and enjoying the surrounding of people. I actually went inside the Virgin Megastore. There was a huge screen, displaying a live concert. Funnily enough, as I was going around the store; I thought ; the sound is so good, one could think the concert is taking place right here. well …. Actually I found out it was the case …. It wasn’t a DVD for sale displayed on the screen, but the live concert by Elodie Frege. The people, the fun, the concert : the birds cards. The lively place : the birds and the garden. The store : the Garden Card. Inside of the store, I went to the book section. I found many book and yes I splurged totally. I found 2 books on the tarot, 1 on the Lenormand, the “elementary particles” by Michel Houellebecq, and 3 other books with beautiful drawings (there are supposed to be for kids but they are related to poetry, psychology, …; a book about Paris …. and Yes, I bought them all !!! The Book and the Fish : the many many many books 😀


The Book here and the Fish card were here not related to a dark stranger, but were to be taken literally in the case of the book, and the fish was to testify that they were many of them ! and of course, the splurge …
Those cards perfectly reflected the first part of my evening. I then went into a very fine restaurant and I celebrated with champagne and sea food. Cheers 😀

More reading about my little trip to Paris to follow (including pictures)


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  1. 1

    Lorielle said,

    Oh I love to do these. I see that you rode into the city (Rider). Met up with a friend or two and caught up by chatting away. (Owls). Then you went out on the town to some public event or place. (Garden). I’m not sure how the book fits in, perhaps you met up with some people you had not met before. You over-indulged on good times and spent too much money. (Fish) but it was worh it from the knowledge and experiences you shared.

    Corny I know. 🙂

  2. 2

    cat said,

    🙂 Hi Jayce……….glad you enjoyed your trip. Paris is a wonderful city.

    Some enchanted evening
    You may see a stranger….

    Fish is a man…….Book – that you hadn’t met before?????

    Cat xx

  3. 3

    phoenixoracle said,

    Hi Jayce,

    Good to see you back, and i’m glad you had a wonderful time. yes I would agree with the above that you had met a couple of new people, and struck up some interesting conversations, and I’m wondering if you took your cards along and did a few readings?? And may have bought an interesting book or deck..lol


  4. 4

    jaycetravel said,

    Hi there,

    thank you all for the feedback !
    I wished I had met some handsome dark stranger : the fish and the book. but here the book just meant book lol. and the fish stands for the multiple books I have purchased and thus the total splurge. The birds is for the excitement, the fun I had just being out and about (the rider). the garden is here the store and the champs elysees. WOW, the Christmas lightning was so beautiful …


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