La boutique des Anges, Paris, France

Hi there,

the same day as I visited le Sacre Coeur, Montmartre and the quartier Pigalle with the Moulin Rouge; I went through the streets just discovering things as I went along. I must have been lucky. I found a little boutique selling just about anything you can think (and more) about angels. Statues, medals, earrings, postal cards, books posters … Even a little perfume called “the perfume of angels” … Name it and they have it. Here is a picture of the frontside of the boutique. I waited for about 10 minutes but there were always people coming in and out. Finally due to the fact that it was very cold and that I longed for a hot beverage, I took the picture you see below. I just blurred the people. I purchased some stuff inside. I asked if I could take a picture inside of the boutique; but the lady (very polite, smiling) was clearly embarrassed. She said they authorized one picture only. And she probably said that because I purchased many oracle decks about angels. So I just said ok then, and took no picture of the inside. (I will make another post about the decks I have purchased there).


At the end of the street, as I was seeking for a place to drink a huge hot coffee, I found out a very famous place again in Paris. La librairie des Abbesses. here is an article about it (in French though). Marie-Rose Guarniéri is the owner of the place and is also responsible for the Prix Wepler which is given every year in the Brasserie of the same name, place Clichy. She was in the shop as I entered to have a look; discussing with her staff about how to place certain books. I just can’t help entering places where you find books. Here I loved how the wooden floor was making noise under my boots as I was perusing the many novel’s titles within the bookshop. Aaaah, the smell of books.


I then took the metro and went to some more adventure within the city. I did a draw (with the lenormand cards) for the next part of my trip which will probably be the subject of the next post. Oh and I just love the design of those metro’s entrance. This is what I love about Paris, it is such a treat to the eyes. You just feel like humming along as you walk in the street, just as if you are in a movie or something.

La Boutique des Anges
2 rue Yvonne Le Tac
75018 Paris
Tél : 01 42 57 74 38
Fax:01 42 57 11 72
La Librairie des Abbesses
30, Rue Yvonne Le Tac,
75018 Paris
Tel : 01 46 06 84 30
Fax : 01 46 06 44 54
I just found
A page in English about this place in the city with suggestions on what to do, what to see, where to eat …

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  1. 1

    Katara said,

    Hi !

    I’m French, and I have just seen this shop, but I have forgotten the quote, in front of the shop. Can you remember me ?

  2. 2

    jaycetravel said,

    I should have a look on the other picture I have made, but right now I can’t remember … I am going to Paris soon, if I go back to the shop, I will take note of it, and update the comment !


  3. 3

    Brigitte said,

    Hi, thank you for this article talking about our shop, we now have a website,, thanks a lot and take care

    • 4

      jaycetravel said,

      nice to hear from you ! and by the way, I still have all the items I bought into your shop, and will be visiting you as soon as I go bakc to Paris, I wish you all the best !

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