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Coming Love Interest Spread

I tried this spread : “Coming Love Interest Spread” using the Morgan Greer deck (no reversal). I have seen some readings done with that spread on Aeclectic tarot.

1. who is he ? 9 of pentacles
mg-minor-discs-09 9 of pentacles is a man who is independent and single.
He might be financially well off and knows how to enjoy the finest things in life. He worked in order to have what he has now in life.

2. what’s his job ? knight of cups.
mg-minor-cups-knight a work related to art ( such as acting, music …); my guess is he has to deal with a public. This knight is like a troubadour, his job requires him to be a little bit bohemian. His job require to be in tune with other people’s feelings and to understand them and to respond to them.

3. his quality : the emperor
mg-04-major-emperor He is stable and is offering security, could be someone protective of me.
He has no problem assuming responsibility. He is practical and strong.

4. his flaw : the sun
mg-19-major-sun at first I thought “his ego” ? If indeed he has a job dealing with a public of some sort, he enjoys being in the spotlight.
Or he is over ambitious and hates second best. If he is very involved with his work he might be burn out. Other idea that came then to my mind : he might lack of optimism or fun in his life.

5. his look : 2 of swords
mg-minor-swords-02 Something about the eyes : deep set and moody.(don’t know why but this is exactly what came to my mind, also almond shape). He may look shy and reserved, somewhat lonely and sad. Always thinking about something.
I would also add : dark eyes and hair. Maybe people find him a little bit of a mystery, hard to decipher.

6. what he will think the first time : 7 of cups
mg-minor-cups-07 He will be tempted like a kid in a candy store ? Apparently I might look like an illusion to him.
(this card is lovely by the way in the morgan greer deck). I hope I will look like a dream come true to him and not like an illusion or worse high on something given the meaning of this card lol. Also, he will notice a lot of details about me.

7. what I’ll think of him : 3 of pentacles
mg-minor-discs-03 That he is good at what he does, committed and an avid learner. Aesthetics is also a theme for the 3 of pentacles, so I’ll say I will like the way he looks. The worker on the card is dressed up in a very casual way, working clothes; so I might actually think that he is a very cool and relaxed type of guy.

8. His feeling for me : knight of pentacles
mg-minor-discs-knight Apparently he will think about being serious and long commitment will be on his mind. He’ll wish for something solid to built upon.

9. my feeling for him : the world.
mg-21-major-world He will mean the world to me. I’ll feel like he is “the one” I have been looking for. (needless to say, I was happy to see this card coming up).

10. the strenght of the relationship : 6 of swords.
mg-minor-swords-06 This relationship will help to put the past behind and move from a trouble past.
What we both have been through will help to understand each other and cement the relationship.

11. the weakness of the relationship : king of rod
mg-minor-wands-king We will fight for authority.

12. long term potential : the 8 of wands
mg-minor-wands-08 I have read that traditionally the 8 of wands was the falling in love card ! The 8 of wands is sometimes showing a fling when it come to relationship. But as this card come for the long term potential and the rest of the spread is positive, I won’t read it as such.

So, the 8 of wands will take us far. We will be great “traveling” partners
looks like this relationship won’t be the boring kind with the 8 of wands. It will keep us up and going … Life will take on a different speed, a lot of intensity. More than welcome, really !



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