Lenormand cards : Belgium’s government

Hi there,

following a discussion with Jase, I used the Tower card as a keycard regarding a question about Belgium’s government. There are quite a few problems right now in the country, and we are about to break the record held by Irak of a country with no government, by the 17th of this month.

People have been manifesting on the streets … as this thing seems to last for about wayyyyyyyyyyy too long now.

so, that was for the context if you didn’t know about the whole thing 😉

Question : are we going to have a government any time soon in Belgium ?

I always look at the cut before I fan the cards on the table and pick the cards ….

cut : cross + anchor (oh well …. well anchored pain !)


Fish + Tower + Anchor + Lily + Bear + Dog + Coffin + Scythe + Lady + Book + Sun


the tower and the anchor means : world landmark

anchor is also a long time frame, so it seems that Belgium next big record is underway, no government by the 17th … (nothing to be proud of !)

Especially with the lily next to it, delays, delays, delays …. the lily is also winter, so all we can hope now is the next season, I suppose, to find a solution ….right now, it is a total blockage.

The bear is the sign of all those financial deals that are on the table now and discussed, and a big part of the problem, no solution seems to be reached ….

The bear/dog : financial analyst ….

The bear and the dog on a side note makes me think of Bart de Wever and his “opponent” in politics … Bart is much of a bear physically … Bear may suggest someone very stubborn, who won’t let go, and that is very much him. He is certainly a heavy player in that scene.

(the lily could be the king of Belgium, by the way as it represents an older man).

If we look at a period of time, the bear stands for end of April to end of May (taurus sign).

The coffin : could be the sign of the end of the problem

and what next : the scythe …

This is my worry : they speak of making some part of the land “individual”, independant … so the split, the schism could be inevitable

I pulled a couple of cards afterwards to see where the scythe was going  : the sun is there, but it is so faraway ….

If a solution is underway, it certainly won’t be by the end of the week …


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