Oscars feedback

Okay, next time I’ll just do another spread with Lenormand cards 😉
Even though, now when I look at it (of course!) I see that it had to be Colin Firth …
Ah well … lesson learned !
And I don’t practice with the pendulum for long enough to count on that anyway … if I needed a proof of that, I have it !
Good for experimenting but that’s it about it for now. (Bummer ………………)

Colin Firth had those cards
gentlemen + letter + ring + birds

on the left, of the gentlemen : lily + cross (which didn’t look all that good and made me hesitate quite a bit)

but on the right side !!! Come on !!!
Seems obvious right ? It is what I call an answer by the book !

letter : the envelope
the ring : the Oscar
the birds : the committee , the academy
Clear as crystal water, but I don’t know … I wasn’t 100% sure !
Probably because, I was afraid to let my own opinion go in the way.
Before doing the spread, I was like : okay Colin is going to have it anyway ..
This said, James Franco had good cards as well …. This will be subject of another post, as I will do the breakdown of the cards.

Still, I was happy with the result : Natalie Portman had it and “Toy Story 3” as well.
I didn’t post the cards I had for the animated film category, but just to let you know, I used the moon card as a keycard. At least, that was right 😉

Memo to self : look better at what you have right in front of your nose, and leave the pendulum for now !




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