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Feedback about a possibly criminal case

Here is my update about this post : a possibly criminal case

Her name was Patricia Bouchon and she disappeared an early morning as she was doing her usual jogging.

I was thinking yesterday night about that reading, and tonight the news is on French TV.

She has been found, and unfortunately she has been killed. She was apparently found by a hunter who was looking for his dog, and saw the body. She was a few miles from the place where she disappeared. The body was hidden under a little bridge in the village.  A sort of vaulted tunnel under a road according to source.

May she rest in peace.



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Lenormand cards combination

the Ship and the Moon recently appeared next to one another in a reading representing the husband of the querent. Usually this combination of cards could make one think about being intuitive and dreamy … Here, in her case, it was referring to the problem she was having with her husband. He is suffering from Alzheimer disease and here it had to be read as : he is moving into the “night”

2 links below if you wish to know more about it and help with a donation ( one link in English, the other one in French)

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