New York hurricane Irene

This spread was done with the current situation in New York in mind, the hurricane “Irene” hitting the city right now.

The following text is an excerpt from the book currently written about the little Lenormand Oracle. The first part of the book presents the theory of the cards and the way to place the cards within the layout. The second part explains several readings with the breakdown of the cards, explaining how to read the message within the cards, and how they interact with each other.

Center of the layout : the card representing the topic of the reading, in this case : the Book.
The book stands for the “secret”. Around this card, 13 cards placed in a very specific order. (see the book for further explanation, live classes are also given :

Here is the spread for the event :

New York Hurricane IreneLeft of the layout : the Scythe and the Rider. The violent side of the event is clearly represented by this combo.
Scythe stands for something violent, possibly invasive and sudden and coupled with the Rider, shows the coming of the hurricane about to hit the coast.
Above the book at the center, the Clouds ! The Clouds is the perfect card to represent the current event, and the worries that it brings.
Clouds stands for bad weather, and also all the trouble coming along with it.
At the right, of the layout : the House and the Mountain  : people locking themselves in home, buildings, shelter and such …
At the top of the layout : the Moon. And this cards contains a lot of water… Indeed,  if you read the column from top to bottom (moon, cross, cloud, bear and finally tower) :
you have something like this : a lot of trouble/rain/worries that are coming forcefully (bear) in the city (tower). From the sky down to earth !
And interestingly enough, the card linking the two aspect of the weather (clouds and moon) is the cross which is most of the time, a sign of burden !

The two cards crowning the layout are thus the Moon and the Clouds showing the weather aspect of the situation upon which human have no control. Hopefully Clover and Heart are around the cross, so this reading is not like the one done for Fukushima (nuclear problem in Japan after the earthquake), and these two cards are some kind of “protection” but do not erase the problems, of course. Hope everything goes well in New York which I love so much !

Hope you enjoyed the reading, more to read in the book ! Send an email if you wish to be warned of the book’s publishing date : sigrid-de-kerac@hotmail dot com



Sigrid de Kerac


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  1. 1

    andybc said,

    That was very impressive Sigrid. Did you design the layout? I’d be interested to learn it.

  2. 2

    jaycetravel said,

    Hi AndyBc,

    thanks a lot for your appreciation !

    For a long time, I have used several layouts like the grand tableau, or another layout based on 12 cards with a significator card, and this and this and that … and they were great, but then there is THIS layout.
    Not to say, the others don’t work or are inappropriate in any way, but this works better for me, and my students gave me good feedback too.

    Actually, the person who designed this layout, a very old Belgian lady who was a professional psychic in a small city, is now deceased but passed on the layout to another medium (her “protege”) years ago. And then, he passed it to me ! Nothing has been written about this particular layout. I have been using it for quite some time now professionally and the feedback is excellent, honestly ! I am currently writing about it and think about live classes through skype for example …

    I do feel privileged to have been passed on this tradition. It is the best companion to my Tarot de Marseille and the Triad Oracle which I also use.

    In the book, I analyze several layouts around different topics : love, events, work, moving place, … and I break down the layout explaining how to read it … I am currently writing about it, and live classes though skype could be interesting, it would add some live energy, with several students exchanging readings and analyzing the whole thing together.

    I am putting the whole thing together at the moment, and will keep you posted if you wish 😉

    again, thanks for your appreciation
    Sigrid de Kerac

    • 3

      andybc said,

      Thanks Sigrid.

      I’d be very interested to see that so please keep me posted. I’ve just started to re-use the GT thanks to a thread at Aeclectic, which is how I found your blog. Mostly though I use the Lenormand as a pre-reading. I’m hoping to change that though, but in the UK people really don’t know these cards.

      I use the Marseille too for most of my professional readings, and I do have the Triad but I’ve struggled to connect to it. I have a friend in Paris who has told me a few myths about it which I find interesting – it seems to have a strong energy and people love it or hate it.


  3. 4

    jaycetravel said,

    exactly ! I love the Triad, most of the time for messages from people who are on the other side …
    On the other hand, I don’t use the RWS anymore only the Tarot de Marseille. The Lenormand is indeed a good way to start a session and you may actually find a lot of information in it that is useful for the querent ! I will keep you posted. Just send me an email if you wish and I will put you in the database.

    btw my official website is here :

    cheers and have a lovely evening


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