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New York hurricane Irene

This spread was done with the current situation in New York in mind, the hurricane “Irene” hitting the city right now.

The following text is an excerpt from the book currently written about the little Lenormand Oracle. The first part of the book presents the theory of the cards and the way to place the cards within the layout. The second part explains several readings with the breakdown of the cards, explaining how to read the message within the cards, and how they interact with each other.

Center of the layout : the card representing the topic of the reading, in this case : the Book.
The book stands for the “secret”. Around this card, 13 cards placed in a very specific order. (see the book for further explanation, live classes are also given :

Here is the spread for the event :

New York Hurricane IreneLeft of the layout : the Scythe and the Rider. The violent side of the event is clearly represented by this combo.
Scythe stands for something violent, possibly invasive and sudden and coupled with the Rider, shows the coming of the hurricane about to hit the coast.
Above the book at the center, the Clouds ! The Clouds is the perfect card to represent the current event, and the worries that it brings.
Clouds stands for bad weather, and also all the trouble coming along with it.
At the right, of the layout : the House and the Mountain  : people locking themselves in home, buildings, shelter and such …
At the top of the layout : the Moon. And this cards contains a lot of water… Indeed,  if you read the column from top to bottom (moon, cross, cloud, bear and finally tower) :
you have something like this : a lot of trouble/rain/worries that are coming forcefully (bear) in the city (tower). From the sky down to earth !
And interestingly enough, the card linking the two aspect of the weather (clouds and moon) is the cross which is most of the time, a sign of burden !

The two cards crowning the layout are thus the Moon and the Clouds showing the weather aspect of the situation upon which human have no control. Hopefully Clover and Heart are around the cross, so this reading is not like the one done for Fukushima (nuclear problem in Japan after the earthquake), and these two cards are some kind of “protection” but do not erase the problems, of course. Hope everything goes well in New York which I love so much !

Hope you enjoyed the reading, more to read in the book ! Send an email if you wish to be warned of the book’s publishing date : sigrid-de-kerac@hotmail dot com



Sigrid de Kerac


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Lenormand cards combination

the Ship and the Moon recently appeared next to one another in a reading representing the husband of the querent. Usually this combination of cards could make one think about being intuitive and dreamy … Here, in her case, it was referring to the problem she was having with her husband. He is suffering from Alzheimer disease and here it had to be read as : he is moving into the “night”

2 links below if you wish to know more about it and help with a donation ( one link in English, the other one in French)

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Pendulum and the Oscars

Tried something new with my pendulum …. I just asked who would get the Oscar for best actor …

a definite NO for all of them except : James Franco (127 hours)

I honestly wonder who is going to get it : with Lenormand cards, I would have to do a second spread  just for Colin Firth and James Franco : they both had good cards for that question. So it wasn’t very easing determining who would get it with the first spread. The pendulum was swinging back and forth left to right for all of them (that’s how it says “no”) but for James Franco it would make tiny circles … Therefore, answering “yes” … we’ll see then : I am of course very curious at this point !

Have you tried to do spreads for the Oscars ?

Answers a few hours away …



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Lenormand cards and the Oscar night

83 academy award on the way !

Since I can remember, I always loved the oscars. We are one day away from the Oscars night.

On the eve of the biggest night in Hollywood, I did a spread for each nominee for the Best Actress category.

According to me : Natalie Portman is going to get it !

Shuffling the cards, I “charged” the woman card with the name of Natalie Portman, here below are the cards I got for her :

clover + woman + bouquet + cross + house + horseman + clouds

The most important card being clover and bouquet on the left and right of the woman card. these two cards may indicate that she is the favorite.  And even though the cross is not so far from the woman card, right next to her is the bouquet, so it looks very positive here.

… tree + ring + anchor (the ring here represents the “gift”, thus the oscar) the anchor symbolizing here something solid, stability, established …

… key + letter + bear (and the card letter might represent the envelope)
The key represents an important information, a “key fact” and the bear represents money among other things but also possession so, all in all after looking at the spread in general, I think she will definitely get the Oscar this year.

If I am right, I will maybe do another post doing the full breakdown of the spread, and post the other cards I got for all the other nominees in this category.


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Lenormand cards : Belgium’s government

Hi there,

following a discussion with Jase, I used the Tower card as a keycard regarding a question about Belgium’s government. There are quite a few problems right now in the country, and we are about to break the record held by Irak of a country with no government, by the 17th of this month.

People have been manifesting on the streets … as this thing seems to last for about wayyyyyyyyyyy too long now.

so, that was for the context if you didn’t know about the whole thing 😉

Question : are we going to have a government any time soon in Belgium ?

I always look at the cut before I fan the cards on the table and pick the cards ….

cut : cross + anchor (oh well …. well anchored pain !)


Fish + Tower + Anchor + Lily + Bear + Dog + Coffin + Scythe + Lady + Book + Sun


the tower and the anchor means : world landmark

anchor is also a long time frame, so it seems that Belgium next big record is underway, no government by the 17th … (nothing to be proud of !)

Especially with the lily next to it, delays, delays, delays …. the lily is also winter, so all we can hope now is the next season, I suppose, to find a solution ….right now, it is a total blockage.

The bear is the sign of all those financial deals that are on the table now and discussed, and a big part of the problem, no solution seems to be reached ….

The bear/dog : financial analyst ….

The bear and the dog on a side note makes me think of Bart de Wever and his “opponent” in politics … Bart is much of a bear physically … Bear may suggest someone very stubborn, who won’t let go, and that is very much him. He is certainly a heavy player in that scene.

(the lily could be the king of Belgium, by the way as it represents an older man).

If we look at a period of time, the bear stands for end of April to end of May (taurus sign).

The coffin : could be the sign of the end of the problem

and what next : the scythe …

This is my worry : they speak of making some part of the land “individual”, independant … so the split, the schism could be inevitable

I pulled a couple of cards afterwards to see where the scythe was going  : the sun is there, but it is so faraway ….

If a solution is underway, it certainly won’t be by the end of the week …

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coming love interest spread : update

hi there,

this is the original post, where I tried to know about my coming love interest …. and below you have the feedback !

I copy/paste the original comments and in bold dark green is what is correct about the reading

Seriously, I am amazed by the accuracy …

this is the orignial post :

9 of pentacles
Independant and single : absolutely right !
He is very independant and definitely was single for quite a while.

Also, in this deck this lady is the only character dark skinned :
I always thought of her as standing out from the rest of the crowd.
Matter of factly, I was reading his posts on a forum, and his avatar and his posts were standing out.
So much that, for weeks, I used to come home, log myself to the site, and read his posts …. It was my pleasure of the day !

original post

9 of pentacles is a man who is independent and single.
He might be financially well off and knows how to enjoy the finest things in life. He worked in order to have what he has now in life.

Knight of cups. (his job)
Well interestingly enough, on this deck there is a river on this card.
And he works on a boat so he is on a river ….
So, not a musician, as I first thought, not an actor, even though he likes music but then, the card should have been read quite literally here

original post :

a work related to art ( such as acting, music …); my guess is he has to deal with a public. This knight is like a troubadour, his job requires him to be a little bit bohemian. His job require to be in tune with other people’s feelings and to understand them and to respond to them.

emperor /his quality :
definitely. this one was totally right.

He is stable and is offering security, could be someone protective of me.
He has no problem assuming responsibility. He is practical and strong.

the sun /his flaw :
well I think his problem, here is related to health (the heart).
now everything got back to fine. he is also is stubborn and won’t mince his words … so not exactly an ego problem, pers se, but he is someone who will fight to make his opinion heard or something ….

original post :

at first I thought “his ego” ? If indeed he has a job dealing with a public of some sort, he enjoys being in the spotlight.
Or he is over ambitious and hates second best. If he is very involved with his work he might be burn out. Other idea that came then to my mind : he might lack of optimism or fun in his life.

2 of swords / his looks
completely right.

original post

Something about the eyes : deep set and moody.(don’t know why but this is exactly what came to my mind, also almond shape). He may look shy and reserved, somewhat lonely and sad. Always thinking about something.
I would also add : dark eyes and hair. Maybe people find him a little bit of a mystery, hard to decipher.

7 of cups / what he’ll think of me
well, when we met in person, he was actually pleased and certainly not disappointed.
he only had seen a couple of pictures of me, as we met online (but not on a dating site at all)

original post :

He will be tempted like a kid in a candy store ? Apparently I might look like an illusion to him.
(this card is lovely by the way in the morgan greer deck). I hope I will look like a dream come true to him and not like an illusion or worse high on something given the meaning of this card lol. Also, he will notice a lot of details about me.

3 of pentacles / what I will think of him
just right, he was my favorite person on the forum where we met  : dedicated and someone to learn from.

original post :

That he is good at what he does, committed and an avid learner. Aesthetics is also a theme for the 3 of pentacles, so I’ll say I will like the way he looks. The worker on the card is dressed up in a very casual way, working clothes; so I might actually think that he is a very cool and relaxed type of guy.

knight of pentacles
well, yes he is quite serious and is not the type of guy to have flings.
we are about to move in together at the end of the month so ….

original post :

Apparently he will think about being serious and long commitment will be on his mind. He’ll wish for something solid to built upon.

the world
well definitely.
funnily enough, I was reading his posts online and just knew I would meet him someday.
I didn’t hit me then, that he was the one I was looking for.
I just was interested by his views, and loved his way with words.

original post :

He will mean the world to me. I’ll feel like he is “the one” I have been looking for. (needless to say, I was happy to see this card coming up).

the 6 of swords
we both have a tough past, and we are so leaving that behind.
we take the opportunity to leave that sadness behind and move on with our lives together.

original post :

This relationship will help to put the past behind and move from a trouble past.
What we both have been through will help to understand each other and cement the relationship.

kind of rod
well …. yeah! he doesn’t mince his words. Neither do I.

original post :

We will fight for authority.

8 of wands
we met online, didn’t live in the same country, met in real life, and for several months
it’s been moving a lot , travelling in order to meet and spent some quality time together while still being people who have a day job …. and now we are moving together.

original post :

I have read that traditionally the 8 of wands was the falling in love card ! The 8 of wands is sometimes showing a fling when it come to relationship. But as this card come for the long term potential and the rest of the spread is positive, I won’t read it as such.

So, the 8 of wands will take us far. We will be great “traveling” partners
looks like this relationship won’t be the boring kind with the 8 of wands. It will keep us up and going … Life will take on a different speed, a lot of intensity. More than welcome, really !

so what do you think ?

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Follow up on readings

I am going to open a new section on this blog very soon concerning the follow up on the readings I have done so far as there are many updates …. and maybe on this one who knows ? I am so curious right now ! I am intrigued …



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