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Working on it !

8 of pentacles I got this card after I created my blog, and it is so accurate. This synchronocity just amazed me. I enthousiastically decided on the philosophy of this blog, what should be the content of it, dividing the content info big “chunks” and organizing the summary.
I had some trouble fixing all kinds of details: like placing the pictures of the cards where I wanted alongside the text, downsizing the weight of the Jpg, and the widgets almost drove me nuts for a while but I kept on working, not giving up, and being focused on what I wanted to achieve. I then shuffled the cards and decided to pick up 3 cards to represent the “moment”.
The first card was this 8 of Pentacles, the second the Page of Cups, and the third was the Page of Pentacles.

Hours flew by, my heart was so into it, I didn’t even notice … and this 3 cards draw even gave me inspiration on what should be the next posts ! Cheers !


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Developping Content

I woke up very early this morning, aroud 5 a.m.; and so between my first and last coffee cup before heading to the door and going to work, I jotted down those ideas on papers. I even had time to do a reading with my Melle Lenormand Cards to check these ideas. I’ll post the reading with the analysis of the reading afterwards.
You may see these ideas by clicking on the tab “Content” up there !
The image illustrating this post (8 of coins) is from a deck Iwish to purchase this month : the Vanessa Tarot deck. (available on

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Hello world!

still trying to figure out the options around, trying to add categories and such

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