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Some great news !

Hi everyone, seems there is a lot of visits around this time on my blog. I have been busy putting my own website together lately, it is only in French but later on there will be an English version.And of course, it is about my work as a tarot reader and astrologer. I have been waiting 20 years to turn out pro, been doing readings for free all that time. I got now enough feedback and experience, to go out there and assert myself as a professional tarot reader.

I have also  a page on Facebook about the Lenormand.

Type in “Le petit lenormand (consultations)” in the search field, and you have it ! oh yeah, it is in French for the moment … but there is some infos there like “the cut of the day” which you might translate easily if you wish to learn about the Lenormand. You are of course welcome 🙂

If you wish to contact me on facebook and add me to your friends, send an invitation to “Sigrid de Kerac”



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Lenormand cards combination

the Ship and the Moon recently appeared next to one another in a reading representing the husband of the querent. Usually this combination of cards could make one think about being intuitive and dreamy … Here, in her case, it was referring to the problem she was having with her husband. He is suffering from Alzheimer disease and here it had to be read as : he is moving into the “night”

2 links below if you wish to know more about it and help with a donation ( one link in English, the other one in French)

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Pendulum and the Oscars

Tried something new with my pendulum …. I just asked who would get the Oscar for best actor …

a definite NO for all of them except : James Franco (127 hours)

I honestly wonder who is going to get it : with Lenormand cards, I would have to do a second spread  just for Colin Firth and James Franco : they both had good cards for that question. So it wasn’t very easing determining who would get it with the first spread. The pendulum was swinging back and forth left to right for all of them (that’s how it says “no”) but for James Franco it would make tiny circles … Therefore, answering “yes” … we’ll see then : I am of course very curious at this point !

Have you tried to do spreads for the Oscars ?

Answers a few hours away …



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Lenormand cards and the Oscar night

83 academy award on the way !

Since I can remember, I always loved the oscars. We are one day away from the Oscars night.

On the eve of the biggest night in Hollywood, I did a spread for each nominee for the Best Actress category.

According to me : Natalie Portman is going to get it !

Shuffling the cards, I “charged” the woman card with the name of Natalie Portman, here below are the cards I got for her :

clover + woman + bouquet + cross + house + horseman + clouds

The most important card being clover and bouquet on the left and right of the woman card. these two cards may indicate that she is the favorite.  And even though the cross is not so far from the woman card, right next to her is the bouquet, so it looks very positive here.

… tree + ring + anchor (the ring here represents the “gift”, thus the oscar) the anchor symbolizing here something solid, stability, established …

… key + letter + bear (and the card letter might represent the envelope)
The key represents an important information, a “key fact” and the bear represents money among other things but also possession so, all in all after looking at the spread in general, I think she will definitely get the Oscar this year.

If I am right, I will maybe do another post doing the full breakdown of the spread, and post the other cards I got for all the other nominees in this category.


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Melissa Lenormand

here is something interesting :

“Melissa’s Lenormand is a thirty-six card oracle deck inspired by French style Lenormand cartomancy and beautiful vintage ephemera.

The images are predominately public domain vintage postcards and elements from vintage advertising.”

I just love the vintage look ! you have the possibility to order the deck online … enjoy !

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Follow up on readings

I am going to open a new section on this blog very soon concerning the follow up on the readings I have done so far as there are many updates …. and maybe on this one who knows ? I am so curious right now ! I am intrigued …



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Merry Christmas !


Hi there,

I have been busy these last few days … Writing my book and also taking some clutter away from my office ! I miss posting so I will be back soon 😀  I made this little card for you to wish you of course a very Merry Christmas ! Personally, it is really not my favorite time of the year honestly but I will do my best to make the most of it. I also think of making a “Grand Tableau” for myself to see what the year 2009 will bring. Hugs to you all !


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