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Reading about a position at work

Here is a case analysis about situation at the workplace. Will there be a renewal of the contract ?

Cards describing the querent : The Bouquet, The Crossroad, The Storks

These cards are describing the person in front of the situation. Accepting changes gracefully, willing to take an opportunity, seeing the positive aspect in a change. The other cards in the spread were not that positive as you can read below … But it is anyway showing that even if the answer is not good in the end, she has the opportunity to bounce back, which may be more important in the long run.

the bouquet : beauty, happiness, grace, a very positive card
the crossroad : decision , moving, parting of ways
the stork : change, moving, flexibility

The Cloud, The Moon, The Snake

The surrounding energy at work : worries caused by the atmosphere at the working place which is not good. Stabbing in the back may take place, one is not anyway able to see the trouble stated there in full clarity, one can only feel it if being intuitive.

the clouds : troubles, clouded thinking, arguments
the moon : intuition, creativity, feelings (always look at the surrounding cards with the moon, it seems to grab the energy of the surrounding cards, it is a very emphatic card)
the snake : knowledge, a woman, troubles, snickering person, someone difficult ( for good or bad)

The Mice, the Fox, the House

State of things right now : one doesn’t belong to the same family as the rest of the people at work. Loss of the job is strongly indicated here. To the very least, it is very feared. To the least, the situation is eating you up (the mice) as you feel on the watch (the fox) at the working place (House associated with the fox).

the mice : loss, anxiety, nervousness
the fox someone with an agenda, elements held in the background, lies, treat (and sometimes represents work, employee)
the house : working place

The Ring, the Cross and the Child

what will happen concretely : the contract won’t be renewed. This was my conclusion in regard to the other parts of that spread.

the ring : a contract, engagement
the cross : something sure, karmic, definitive, a cross to bear (but it is not always a bad card, as one might believe !)
the child : the renewal

the cut of the deck was the Bear and the Tower : it seemed to represent her boss who was the one taking the decision about the contract being renewed or not.

Hope you found the break down of the analysis helpful,


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Case analysis : Lenormand cards and animals

This is actually a reading I did for one of my cats who is not showing up anymore. That little cat is an outdoor cat. He is not savage though, love to be carried around and cuddled. After 2 days of not showing up, I took the deck. The keycard is the Fox, for cats so.

question asked : whatever happened to *name of the cat* ?

Interestingly and sadly enough, the last card I pulled was the Fox. This is a technique which consist of shuffling the cards, putting them on the table, picking them up one by one until you get the key card.

The cards that are before and after the keycard are giving informations. As the Fox is the last card, it seems to say there is not future for this cat, or I won’t know anything about this little one in the future. (The right from the card is the future, the left is related to the recent past.)

The Scythe being on the left of the keycard speaks of a severance, something brutal that happened, and caused a shock. As the hurting side of the scythe is pointed toward the Fox, I am afraid the little one is actually hurt. The Ship is among other thing related to travel, faraway location etc … Also, a vehicle. And because the Woman is next to it, She is the one driving the car.

At worse, these cards would say, that a woman hit the cat with her car, and I am not going to learn anything from that cat anymore. At best, the ship means just far away; and thus, the reading would go as such : a woman took away the cat, adopted him and I am no longer going to hear from him anymore.

I usually am an optimist but here it seems to me that the first version is the accurate one. Unfortunately. I just hope that if he got hit by a car, that he didn’t suffer for hours …


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Lenormand cards : animals

This is a post about little pets and bigger ones too 🙂 Some Lenormands cards can actually be related to animals and give you informations about them.

The obvious ones : the Dog ! And the Fish ! The Snake as well, of course. But the Snake may also stands for any kind of reptiles, geckos, … that kind of exotic animals. (Exotism is also indicated especially whenever the Ship is around). The Birds cards : little birds, poultry, owls … The Storks is for bigger birds. The Mice, apart for little mice, can be for hamsters, rats, weasel, beaver …
Maybe less obvious, the Fox can stands for Cats. For bigger animals the Bear is perfect. But the horse will be represented by the Rider.
The Tower may represent the refugee, the vet clinic. The Garden could be the place where you “train” the dog, or the horse. Actually, recently I had it in a reading and it stood for the zoo !


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The Fox (14)

The Fox means there might be something wrong, someone is lying to you. Beware of people who are showing you a smile and then stabs you in the back. Not everything is quite as it seems here. It also might mean someone smart, not necessarily evil, but there is more than meet the eye. Be careful : read between the lines. Someone might have an agenda here and not tell his/her real intentions first. Insincerity, lies, betrayal, sabotage, wearing a mask, being sly, theft.
This is the traditional take of the card, the one I have always been using. I recently purchased the book written by Sylvie Steinbach who associate the Fox card with Work … I personnaly always associated the Anchor as the key card for work. So I will see in further readings what comes out, but somehow my mind doesn’t “feel” the Fox as being related to work. Even though I appreciated her book anyway.


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