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Lenormand cards combination

the Ship and the Moon recently appeared next to one another in a reading representing the husband of the querent. Usually this combination of cards could make one think about being intuitive and dreamy … Here, in her case, it was referring to the problem she was having with her husband. He is suffering from Alzheimer disease and here it had to be read as : he is moving into the “night”

2 links below if you wish to know more about it and help with a donation ( one link in English, the other one in French)


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5 cards spread about a health problem

I finally decided to see a doctor for my neck and back problems. I just hope the treatment won’t make me feel good for 3 days and then back to starting painful point again. What I want is the problem to be fixed for once and for all. I got my appointment tomorrow and decided to pick 5 cards to see how this would go.

Here are the 5 cards I got :

Mountain 21the ring 25the tower 19the moon 32the anchor 35

the Mountain, the Ring, the Tower, the Moon, the Anchor

the Mountain shows the blockage : at one point I couldn’t move at all. I don’t think there is another card in the deck that could be more appropriate to reflect the situation. I always see it as a good sign whenever there is a card pulled that is telling me I am being focused while doing the reading.

the Ring : that is the chronic aspect of the problem. It happens every now and then. Some muscles in my back or disks in my neck are going haywire every now and then. Ring whenever related to health may means “chronic”.

the Tower could be an hospital. But here it is a medical facility : his own office, I suppose. Also to me, the structure of the tower evokes the vertebrae, my neck, my back …. Structure anyway. And when I am blocked I feel as stiff as that Tower. The neck brace around my neck is sure making me look like some sort of stiff tower 😀 On a sidenote, of course, I have to answer about 50 times a day question like does it hurt ? how did it happen ? and so on … I yet manage to get a lot of fun out of it. Each and every time I am making up stories. The one that works the best is “I did parachute jumping this week end” (pause)… “and guess what … the ‘chute DIDN T open !” (looks of distress and shrieks of my audience) … me : “well, I am ok you know, I mean … the instructor who was jumping with me is way worse than me, …. I landed on him !” … (pause).. me “but you know what, I got everything on camera, wanna see the film ?” People are actually buying this stuff, I am apparently very good at this. SIGH I totally missed my call … I should have gone into acting and I would at least make money out of making myself look like a total goofball. Awesome.

The Moon : my appointment is taking place rather late in the day. Also, here the Moon shows the instability and my worries about the problem. And finally whenever I am under pressure, the problem increases.

The Anchor : could represent the return to stability. (the use of an instrument ?). But as it is the card representing work also, this could be my final decision to seek for professional help. I can’t let the situation as it is … I thought that the problem was over, but every now and then my neck hurts so bad, I have to go and seek some advice.

I think that the cut was very well representing the (hoped) outcome of the appointment, by the way

the storks 17the child 13

the Storks and the Child : the return to flexibility. Well, I truly hope so. I am going tomorrow, so hopefully I will post the feedback very soon 😀


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Reading about a position at work

Here is a case analysis about situation at the workplace. Will there be a renewal of the contract ?

Cards describing the querent : The Bouquet, The Crossroad, The Storks

These cards are describing the person in front of the situation. Accepting changes gracefully, willing to take an opportunity, seeing the positive aspect in a change. The other cards in the spread were not that positive as you can read below … But it is anyway showing that even if the answer is not good in the end, she has the opportunity to bounce back, which may be more important in the long run.

the bouquet : beauty, happiness, grace, a very positive card
the crossroad : decision , moving, parting of ways
the stork : change, moving, flexibility

The Cloud, The Moon, The Snake

The surrounding energy at work : worries caused by the atmosphere at the working place which is not good. Stabbing in the back may take place, one is not anyway able to see the trouble stated there in full clarity, one can only feel it if being intuitive.

the clouds : troubles, clouded thinking, arguments
the moon : intuition, creativity, feelings (always look at the surrounding cards with the moon, it seems to grab the energy of the surrounding cards, it is a very emphatic card)
the snake : knowledge, a woman, troubles, snickering person, someone difficult ( for good or bad)

The Mice, the Fox, the House

State of things right now : one doesn’t belong to the same family as the rest of the people at work. Loss of the job is strongly indicated here. To the very least, it is very feared. To the least, the situation is eating you up (the mice) as you feel on the watch (the fox) at the working place (House associated with the fox).

the mice : loss, anxiety, nervousness
the fox someone with an agenda, elements held in the background, lies, treat (and sometimes represents work, employee)
the house : working place

The Ring, the Cross and the Child

what will happen concretely : the contract won’t be renewed. This was my conclusion in regard to the other parts of that spread.

the ring : a contract, engagement
the cross : something sure, karmic, definitive, a cross to bear (but it is not always a bad card, as one might believe !)
the child : the renewal

the cut of the deck was the Bear and the Tower : it seemed to represent her boss who was the one taking the decision about the contract being renewed or not.

Hope you found the break down of the analysis helpful,

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The Moon (32)

The Moon represents the ying type of energy. The Sun being Yang energy of course. The moon stands for intuition, hopes, desire and longing for something. The nighttime. An ideal that you wish to come true. It is the psyche. Feelings. Sensibility. Dreams. Sweet romance. Take note of the surrounding cards, the moon is easily “under influence”, and with negative cards around, it is the sign of delusion or nervous breakdown. ( Just as in Tarot, the Moon is a tricky card.)


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