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The Grand Tableau / Workshop 1, Part 6

gt-woman-wp6This is the 6th post about the workshop dedicated on the topic of the Grand Tableau. The Querent’s card is located in house 19, the house of the Tower. The Queren’t card has 2 cards above itself : the Storks and the Mice. The Storks’s keywords are : change, flexibility, evolution. The Mice’s keywords are : stress, worries, exhaustion, nervousness. The Mice also diminish the meaning of the surrounding card. The Mice is in the house of the Ship, in house 3. And the Storks is in the house of the Whip, house 11.

The Mice in combination of the meaning of the 3rd house (the Ship) is speaking of a difficult transition. The desired change is not taking place easily.
The Storks in combination with the meaning of the house 11 (the Whip) may mean a change after a conversation or it speaks about some sort of physical training.

This could actually refer to several things : I wish to move, but it is not the right time to do so; and I have to wait. Same with traveling, I would love to do some city trips, but as I am trying to put some money on the side … I am waiting a better time to do so. And finally, the problems I am having with my back and neck are definitely eating up my energy. Thus, as a conclusion, there is a sensation of being stuck in a rut at the moment. Nothing to bad though, I know it is just a question of timing, this is not going to last forever … I am making the most with staying at home right now, writing my book ! Hope this helps,


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The Grand Tableau / Part 12

gt-theory-up-querentContinuing the theory about the Grand Tableau. The cards above the querent’s card are representing what is on the querent’s mind at the moment. Depending on the position of the querent within the grand Tableau : you may have 1 to 4 cards above you, or none at all if you are on the top row. Whenever your card is within the top row, remember, it means you are very future oriented, especially if the card is within the left part of the line. If you have 4 cards above your card, it means there might quite a lot of things on your mind, that might be upsetting you or that you are taking in consideration before making the next steps on your life path. Hope this helps,


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The Grand Tableau / Workshop 1, Part 5

Here is the 5th part of the Workshop, the first one dedicated to the analysis of a Grand Tableau. You may check the theory covered by clicking on the “Grand Tableau” category on the left side of the page. To make it easier to analyse, I broke down the analysis in several parts. Here we go, …

Upper left : Coffin and Clouds / last 2 weeks
this is actually the fact that I quit (coffin) smoking (clouds); following the news that my father was actually ill (coffin) because of smoking (clouds). The day he learned and told me about it, I stopped. Of course, I always knew that smoking wasn’t healthy, but the thing is I love a cigarette. The day he told me he had to start a chemotherapy was a reality check. One thing though : this is more than 2 weeks ago. But there were no other major (or even minor) event that could relate to the coffin and the clouds. I mean THAT was enough !

Upper right : Lily and Tree (the next 2 weeks)
oh, this looks like related to health. Well I already have the answer to what this combo stands for. My neck and back are aching like crazy and I have to be careful with every move I make. I have had this problem before and now I am back again with it. The lily stands here for “aging” … I yet hesitates between acupuncture or a chiropractor… Sometime the Lily also stands for an older man. Again, this combo could be that we are following my father’s health as he has started his treatment. (the Tree is actually in the house of the Tree, so somewhat accentuated here I guess. And the Lily is within the House of the Birds : so stress and worries).

Below left : Rider (older past)

Being active. Yes, that fits. I got involved in several projects. In this diagonal there is only one card so there is not so much information here. *(Funnily enough : the rider can sometimes stands for a vehicle such as a motorcycle, and the rider is in the house of the Book … there was a writing project, that is still on the side and the motorcycle has a major “role” so to speak …spooky)*

Below right : Fish, Stars (future : 6 to 12 months)
As stated before, I wish to develop my activities as a reader. Writing stuff about Lenormand and the Tarot. This could be the sign of a business around esoteric matters. This is my ideal at the moment, and I am working toward that goal, step by step. I am though wondering : the Fish is in the house of the Man, and the Star in the House of the Anchor. Meeting an independent well traveled man who is well known in his activity ? Could be … We will see what happens then throughout the year …

Hope this helps your exploration of the Grand Tableau,

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The Grand Tableau / Part 11

Still on the Grand Tableau, now let’s move in diagonals ! Put your hands on your hips, and then you bring your knees in tiiiiiiight …. mhhhm sorry that is actually the Rocky Horror Picture show, got carried away😀 Silly silly me ….

Basically on the left of the querent’s card, the cards are talking about the past; and the card on the right will be about the future. Upper left : last 2 weeks. Upper right : the next 2 weeks. Of course, if your card is within the first row; you don’t have any upper diagonals.

Now the other diagonals remaining. The ones that are going downwards, the one on the querent’s left is concerning the older past (more than 6 months). And the one going down on the right is concerning the future (6 to 12 months from now). I think the image here is pretty self explanatory. Click on it if you need a larger view. As always, I will apply the theory covered here in the next post, which is the “workshop” going on.

Hope this helps,

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The Grand Tableau / Workshop 1, Part 4

This is the 4th part of the first workshop. The cards that will be used for this part of the reading are shown in the picture. You can actually click on the image for a larger view. As said in the post explaining the theory of the Grand Tableau, the cards on the left of the querent’s card are showing the last 6 months. Cards on the right are about the next 6 months, and so are the cards below the querent.

Cards on the left : the Cross and the Ship.
Somehow, I feel like I am not going stay where I am living now. I wanted to travel, but due to several reasons, I actually didn’t go abroad this summer. Instead, I worked a lot with Lenormand cards and the tarot. But somehow I don’t exactly feel like this is about that travel, I think it reflects a period of waiting, a long one. A period during which you are doing a lot of learning about yourself, life and reflect upon things. Karmic waiting.

Cards on the right : the Garden, the Mountain, the Heart, the Sun, the Man.

I love the Garden card as it means sociable, networking, connection, an audience … but here unfortunately it is followed by the Mountain card, which is actually the only “bad” card of that line … The Mountain might means a blockage of some sort, it also stands for something in the way, something that is far away also. The Heart which is following is the card that stands for love. The 3 cards together seems to imply loneliness and isolation. The Heart, the Sun followed by the Man card is indicating a successful and happy relationship. The Man card is in the house 24, which is the house of the Heart. If the mountain stands for things that are far away : it may imply that the person is a foreigner. Someone that lives abroad. At least geographically away from me. If the Mountain stands for obstacle, there will be some serious delay before meeting that wonderful individual. So the idea is : love is out of reach for the moment. It will come your way, but there is that mountain to climb first … (now I am curious😉 )

Cards below the card : the Moon, and the House
A dream home ? maybe, but again, it shows my involvement at home with anything that is around cards and astrology … esoteric studies.

Hope this helps you for the reading of the Grand Tableau

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The Grand Tableau / Part 10

Next on the theory of the Grand Tableau, this is the 10th part concerning the theory. As shown in the picture, the cards standing on the left of the querent’s card will give you informations about the past, the last 6 months. If the card of the querent is standing on the far left, there is no card representing the past of the last 6 months. It implies the querent is very future oriented. The cards on the right of the querent’s cards (on the same line) represents the future of the next 6 months. The cards below the querent also stand for the next 6 months.If the card of the querent is standing on the far right, it means the past has lot of importance. There might be issues that still have to be dealt with … Hope this helps, see the next post which is a case analysis about this part of the spread !


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The Grand Tableau / Workshop 1, Part 3

This is the third part of the first workshop. This post will be about the 4 central cards of the Grand Tableau. In this example: the Lily, the Anchor, the Garden, and the Mountain. These cards must be first read in diagonal. So first, the Lily with the Mountain. And then, the Anchor with the Garden.

The Lily may represent an older man, family, harmony and also sexuality. Associated with the Mountain, it may show the blockage, one that is very important. The Lily actually is a sign of slow development as well. Whatever changes I might be hoping for, I shouldn’t expect them to come very fast. It is more like an advice : take your time ! Also the Lily is in House 12 and the Mountain in House 21. House 12 is the house of the Birds : communication but also stress, worries, conversation, being anxious. House 21 is the house of the Mountain : so the mountain is here “at home”, so to speak. I guess it should be understood this way : the Lily brings a zen factor to the house of the Birds/stress. I am remaining calm on the surface but I might be expecting changes and the lack of it makes me nervous inside. The Lily is a sort of attenuation, if you prefer. But the mountain in 21 is there sort of accentuated. The blockage is huge.
The Anchor is the key card for stability and by extension, work. Associated with the Garden it shows working with many people. The Anchor is in house 13. The House 13 is the house of the Child. The Child’s keywords are new beginning, novelty, something growing. The Garden is in house 20, which is the house of the Garden. The Garden’s keywords are network, connection, gathering, audience, public. So developing a new work geared toward a lot of people, a public seems to be strongly indicated. Indeed, I am trying to develop classes on the Lenormand and the Tarot. Ultimately, I would love to teach on those subject and extend my occupation as a reader that way ! Developing books, learning tools, exercises and such things is something important to me right now.

The 4 together are suggesting a remote location, where one feels isolated. I have no plans to go on holidays for the winter, but this really looks to me like a hotel during the winter season ! I guess as no holiday during winter time is planned, that it should be seen as a search for fulfillment, one that is progressing slowly but steadily. Working toward that goal should make me feel better and better.

Again, I hope you find this useful,

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