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Follow up on readings

I am going to open a new section on this blog very soon concerning the follow up on the readings I have done so far as there are many updates …. and maybe on this one who knows ? I am so curious right now ! I am intrigued …




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reading about love for K.

hi there,

I am back … it’s been a while. I just needed some time off from blogging, though I have been using cards a lot … and took a lot of notes … It was just one of this period during which I needed only the contact of paper/pen and nothing else 😀 I have been writing a couple of chapters, done quite a few readings. I didn’t expect to be away for so long though. But sometimes, the writing would take the whole evening so … time flew by. With no further do : here is below a case analysis for you to enjoy.

Here is a reading I did about love for a person (woman). I used the Morgan Greer deck and no reversal. She is single and is asking about what she can expect in the next future regarding relationships.

The situation (3 cards)


8 of pentacles / Queen of Cups / 5 of Cups

How the situation evolves (2 cards)


the Tower / the 10 of Swords

the Outcome (1 cards)


The 10 of Wands

the Queen of Cups is of course representing her with her hope for love. As this is the central card, it is standing strong and is important I feel for the “translation”. Right now though it seems all her dedication is in her work. That is indicated by the 8 of Pentacles. She’d be in a relationship, I would read this as her doing all her best in order to make this relationship work. As she is single it shows her putting all of her energy in her work and diligently so. She is keeping herself very busy. The 5 of Pentacles shows that she feels miserable and also might be a hint that she doesn’t feel like this is rewarding. Her effort are bigger than what she receives. She is good at covering it with the 8 of pentacles and the Queen of cups. The Queen is actually looking at the 8 of pentacles. And the character in the 8 pentacles is looking on his work. The Queen seems to ignore the card behind her. Well, maybe “ignore” is not the right word … She is actually presenting her face to the world as the Queen and is somewhat hiding the truth which is the 5 of pentacles. To me, it looks like she is good at putting things in perpective and not spend all of her time dwelling on what could have been and what should have been and so and so … At least not in public. Knowing her love life is a desert right now, she gives the priority to work. This is bordering on workaholism maybe, but it is better than crying all day long, and she has the opportunity to put some money on the side which could be useful in the future …

The Tower and the 10 of Swords are striking next to another. Not the prettiest sight ! But let’s remember that The tower is not always negative. Actually, one sometimes need a shock to come alive. (remember the needle thing through the heart in Pulp Fiction ? ). Well, who wants to go through that ? But if it is the only way to come back from the dead … one takes the option right ? The 10 of Swords is clearly the victim or someone who feels that way, defeated. So to me this looks like she is going to acknowledge her hurt in a very sudden way or she is going to go through a tough experience which is going to be painful. To the very least it is going to rock her foundation. I would advice her to enjoy some time out of her work, go out a little bit more, or she is going to end up in total burn out. In an health reading, that tower and the 10 of swords speaks of a surgery, a hospitalization. Also, some other issues were addressed here : the Tower also represents our ego and the 10 of Swords doesn’t look like a winner here right ? So the 2 of them, I feel here, are related to low self esteem. And that may actually be the energy around the situation : because she doesn’t feel right with herself, she doesn’t allow herself to open up to someone and only dedicate herself to work. My intuition tells me that THIS is spot on, THIS is the core problem and solution.

Okay, while the party is not around the corner with that combo. there is still something positive in every situation. The character in the 10 of Swords seems to be a person who is jumping out of the Tower card and who hit the ground after a long fall. So it can’t go further down from there. It is as down as can be. The positive ? The only way is up then !

The 10 of Wands shows that exactly. In a very realistic way: “No one said it was going to be easy”. The 10 of wands speaks of courage, not giving up, keep on keeping. Having heavy stuff to carry on. It doesn’t mean you are going to end up alone; but there is quite a way to go. Don’t loose your courage : and it is up to you to make that journey interesting. Everything you learn in the process, will make you wiser and more interesting too. The distance the character has to go, might imply that there might a geographic distance between her and the person she is going to be with. My intuition tell me so anyway.

So, let’s look at the 2 ten in this draw : 10 of Swords and 10 of Wands

The outcome shows the character who picked the swords out of his own body and only carries the lessons learned from the bad experience as wands . The Swords changed into Wands if you prefer. But not by sheer magic, only because the character from the 10 of swords got back on his feet and decided to walk again. It shows that we can take from very painful experience, and even if we suffer from it, we can take the lesson and move forward.
the last 3 cards seems to say : “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger …” (Honestly, I don’t know how many times I have been told about that one … I guess it is true, but when you are bleeding it is tough to take … )

well, I hope you enjoyed this little analysis of the reading. As you may notice, even if some cards are not speaking about total bliss I try to put a message that can be useful for the querent … I think there was a saying that said something like there is no problem only solutions …
Good to be back ^^

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The Grand Tableau / Part 1

Hi there,

I am currently writing a book about the Lenormand and the Tarot, developing a part of the writing to the theory and other parts to case studies using different layouts.

This is the first post concerning The Grand Tableau. I’d love to develop the theory of this layout and later on make case studies using this layout. This spread is using all the cards of the lenormand deck. Needless to say, you can get a lot of informations from it but it isn’t the easiest. This spread is using several concepts all at ounce : theme cards, the principle of houses in the layout, the surrounding cards, diagonal readings of the cards and so on …. If you use it, note the cards you are getting in your diary of readings, and see later on what happens in your life, and how it was indicated in the layout. Chances are you will learn faster that way. Here below is the way you should put the cards on the table. First you shuffle the deck as much as you feel like, and then you cut the deck. Personally, I always take note of the cards in the cut; they seem to give a message, a hint, a clue about the reading. Then, you put both part together as one, and place all the cards on the table starting from the upper left, and going from left to right, top to bottom. Other posts will develop the theory for this specific layout.


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A spread for the Lenormand cards

This spread is very useful whenever you have a choice to make and hesitate
between 2 options.
You may get more insight for each options or a simple yes or no type of answer.
I have been using it for quite some time now, noting down the cards I was
getting for myself or the person I was reading for and then after a while
according to what was happening or the feedback I received, I definitely
think it is an effective spread for the Lenormand deck.
Even though there is no reason you shouldn’t use it with tarot cards, whatever works for you.

This is the way to proceed :
You first have to take one specific card out of the deck.
This card is representing the theme of the reading and act as a
“Significator”. (more to be read on that topic : how to choose a theme card).

Example 1. for a reading about love : the Heart (24) will be taken out of the
deck and be the Theme card.
Example 2. for a reading about travelling : the Ship (3) will be the theme card.

Your theme card will be placed in front of you, as you shuffle the deck and concentrate on your question and the 2 options you are considering.

You should know what is path 1 and path 2.
Example : concerning traveling, option number 1 would be “traveling to Italy during this summer”, and option number 2 would be “not going on holiday this year and saving the money” !
And the cards for each path will give you insight of what is best to do.

When you are finished with shuffling,you cut the deck in two parts.
I personnaly take a look at the cut, as I found it sometimes give an extra info about the reading.

After replacing the deck together as one; the first 5 cards will be for option / path 1 and the next 5 cards will be for option / path number 2.

Some may prefer to place all the cards of the deck into a fan shape on the table, and pick 5 cards for the first option, and then 5 others for the second option. Again, this is how you feel about it, but should be decided before shuffling. The reading may now take place.

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5

The theme card

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5

Hope you will find this helpful, I will post case analysis for this spread so we can study with real life example.


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Case analysis : a 3 card draw around a problem

Root of the problem : Queen of Cups

The way to manage the problem : 7 of Swords

The resolution of the problem : Ace of Swords

What I noticed immediately here is that the problem is a card of the water/cups suit. Cups represents emotions. And both of the cards that speak about how to deal with the problem are Swords. Swords represents the way we think, our intellect. It stands for mental energy. It basically says cut the emotional crap, now it is about time to use strategy !

The problem here is too much emotions. Emotionnal balance is lacking, and the way to feel better here is by using what the Swords are about. So to speak, don’t allow yourself to “feel” too much, because at this point you are just drawning and dwelling too much. Allow yourself to “think”, the solution will come from there. Clarity of the mind will bring you your balance back.

The 7 of swords is a card that I had to have in several readings in order to fully understand what it meant. Enigmatic it is ….

Have you seen that there are 2 groups of Swords ? The ones carried by the person are completely differently designed, than the 2 others that are put into the ground on the right side of the card. Here it seems to say, “face the facts”. You might not know the whole problem now, some stuff are still in the shadow and you don’t know what to make of it. But you have to face reality.

The 5 swords that are all in black represents what is heavy to carry on, and what we don’t know yet. when we will know about it, then we will be able to put them in the right place in our mind or in our lives. Because we don’t know about those yet, we have to carry them around. Until we got them figured out.

The things that are already figured out are the 2 swords in the ground. They are not just a simple black drawing, some sort of shadowy stuff. They have all the details designed.

Prepare yourself, it seems to say. Don’t give up, but know that you don’t possess every detail about the situation. Some stuff has to be discovered on the way and require more analysis, more research and more preparation. The resolution of the problem will come from analysis not from the heart.

Also, because the person in the card seems to have taken the swords and is getting away with them, like he stole them, maybe. It seems to say that learning the strategy “of the enemy”, and using their strategy, their solution for your own problems might be beneficial. Ideas may come from an unexpected source than usual.

The ace of swords in here very clear to me !

We will be able to cut to the problem. We will be able to phrase it. And understand clearly what is going on here …. It might also indicate surgery. But a new direction and specific action towards the problem will take place.

Ah well, this makes sense to me. Someone very close to me in undergoing a lot of medical exams. We already know that it is serious matter. There are still some medical stuff that have to be figured out. And I am definitely that Queen of cups right at the moment, who doesn’t know how to deal with all of those feelings. Indeed, here feelings won’t help, searching for the right help, the right surgeon etc… is the only way to go …..

I will be around,


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Tarot spread : the who am I layout

This spread is very helpful whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced user of Tarot. As a beginner, it helps you to develop a relationship with the cards as you project your feelings intuitively. It only uses 7 cards, so it is not overwhelming. A nice tool for projection, I believe. I do believe that Tarot card can be very effective in order to help yourself reflecting upon your path in life. Hope you enjoy …


1. Who I am currently
2. What I don’t know about myself
3. What I should give up from now on
4. What I should developp
5. What I wish to become
6. My current quest
7. Where this quest is leading me

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The brand new deck spread

Hi there,
A while ago I read an interesting post on Aeclectic Forum about a member who was questioning her deck in order to see how they could work together, and I just thought that was a brilliant idea. So simple, and I’d never thought of it.
Just like hula-hoop. Simple and it keeps you busy for hours.

I wanted to do that spread with the brand new deck I purchased :
the Druidcraft tarot deck.

Position and meaning of the cards in the layout the member on AT created :

****** 5 ****** 6 ******
********** 4 **********
****** 3 ****** 2 ******
********** 1 **********

1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
2. What are your strengths as a deck?
3. What are your limits as a deck?
4. What do you bring to the table — what are you here to teach me?
5. How can I best learn from and collaborate with you?
6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

And what I got as an answer from this deck I’m totally in love with already :

1. Most important characteristics / 10 of wands reversed
I (the deck) will help to relieve the burden, so you can climb that mountain.
You will feel a lot lighter, as I take the burden away. I offer a new perspective. Once you drop those sticks, you’ll be able to feel free as a bird, and fly over that mountain. From the top, problems will seem little compared to all there is to see out there …

So get rid of your fears, finish the tasks you have at hands right now, and get in there to climb the mountain …. There is quite a wonderful sight up there.

2. What are your strength as a deck/4 of cups
The meditation card, the one that helps to go within. As 4 stands for structure and cups for feelings, emotions … The deck will be useful for putting things into perspective. Be a good support for emotional matters.
To me the one cup which is behind the character in the card is what
I know already with reading, the other 3 are what I yet have to discover.
The deck will give me good psychological insight, or help me to improve it.

3.What are your limits as a deck/ 4 of wands reversed
I struggled quite a bit with this one …
In the card there is a campfire and behind it closer to the horizon, a home.
Does that mean that the deck will be limited for people out of my home ?
So that it is solely dedicated to people online-readings, as I had in mind ?

4. What do you bring to the table ? What are you here teaching me ?/ Ace of Wands reversed
It seems to say, there will be no easy trick with me, I’m no magic wand, you’ll have to remove those blockage you might have within. As a woman, I’m pretty much a wand type, I’d say. This card reversed seems to imply that I’ll have to master my energy, and not let my energy master me.Which is oh so true anyway.

5.How can I best learn from and collaborate with you ?/ 5 of wands
This seems to me the easiest one to understand within this spread, you have to jump in, deal with other people, struggle, voice your opinion, and confront yourself with others , (as in the reading exchanges forum On Aeclectic Tarot) .
There is a little hen in the foreground picking up seeds from the ground.
My translation : I will feed my soul while struggling with readings, or I will feed my soul helping out people who are struggling with some problems and thus asking for a reading, both could be accurate.

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship ?/ 9 of cups reversed
In the card there is someone who seems to be waiting in front of a table and he’s alone in the card, with many cups for other people that might come to his table.
Does that mean, as it is reversed that no one will be coming up in the forum when I submit an offer in the reading exchange, or that It’s not going to be the happy outcome I’m hoping for, ….or is simply a little delay, because I yet have some work at hands to finish before I can dive in the forum, and devote my free time to it ? Might also imply that it won’t be piece of cake to me … There are some works to be done ahead. Well …. good then 🙂

Making some more researches and brainstorming with that card :it also implies the rejection of “surface” values, one has to be prepared for his/her mind to move on and look for a true victory and liberation. A sign of greater awareness.

Any insight is welcome, really.
It is the first time I’m using this spread, and even though the result speaks to me, you could see something different, which really might help me with this deck. …Feel free to post a comment 🙂

And remember, Aeclectic tarot forum is quite the place if you wish to learn about tarot.


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