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The Chariot

the chariotThis is a Major arcana I’ve always loved, no matter what. There are some cards I’ve liked or disliked throughout the years, like the Fool, the Hanged Man or The Emperor, but I always liked the Chariot. To me, it means something gets moving in the right direction, there is vigor, energy coming through. Determination and bravado, with a sense of panache.

If it represent a person, it is a determined individual, ready to confront and conquer, not someone who’s going to give up if it fails at first. It is a decision taken, and this decision takes account of both the mental/practical side of it, but also the feelings/intuition side of things.

When I did my first readings I just assumed the card showing a positive outcome, now as years have passed, and I (hopefully) became a bit wiser, I also take note that there are lots of duality also showing in the card. So, when it is in the position of an advice, I see it as a “focus your energy” type of mantra. You have to take the lead position, or these horses/sphinxes in front of the chariot will take you to quite another place you didn’t want to go at first ….

It requires having faith in oneself, and if need be take the road less traveled. Getting what you want in life, is not only being committed, talented, capable, but also requires a certain amount of luck : being in the right place at the right time … The Chariot in some layouts might just mean that, take a chance, life won’t take you there if you don’t make that move yourself first. Discover your potential, harness yourself for the long haul, get it all together, focus and find your “vehicle”.




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