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reading about love for K.

hi there,

I am back … it’s been a while. I just needed some time off from blogging, though I have been using cards a lot … and took a lot of notes … It was just one of this period during which I needed only the contact of paper/pen and nothing else 😀 I have been writing a couple of chapters, done quite a few readings. I didn’t expect to be away for so long though. But sometimes, the writing would take the whole evening so … time flew by. With no further do : here is below a case analysis for you to enjoy.

Here is a reading I did about love for a person (woman). I used the Morgan Greer deck and no reversal. She is single and is asking about what she can expect in the next future regarding relationships.

The situation (3 cards)


8 of pentacles / Queen of Cups / 5 of Cups

How the situation evolves (2 cards)


the Tower / the 10 of Swords

the Outcome (1 cards)


The 10 of Wands

the Queen of Cups is of course representing her with her hope for love. As this is the central card, it is standing strong and is important I feel for the “translation”. Right now though it seems all her dedication is in her work. That is indicated by the 8 of Pentacles. She’d be in a relationship, I would read this as her doing all her best in order to make this relationship work. As she is single it shows her putting all of her energy in her work and diligently so. She is keeping herself very busy. The 5 of Pentacles shows that she feels miserable and also might be a hint that she doesn’t feel like this is rewarding. Her effort are bigger than what she receives. She is good at covering it with the 8 of pentacles and the Queen of cups. The Queen is actually looking at the 8 of pentacles. And the character in the 8 pentacles is looking on his work. The Queen seems to ignore the card behind her. Well, maybe “ignore” is not the right word … She is actually presenting her face to the world as the Queen and is somewhat hiding the truth which is the 5 of pentacles. To me, it looks like she is good at putting things in perpective and not spend all of her time dwelling on what could have been and what should have been and so and so … At least not in public. Knowing her love life is a desert right now, she gives the priority to work. This is bordering on workaholism maybe, but it is better than crying all day long, and she has the opportunity to put some money on the side which could be useful in the future …

The Tower and the 10 of Swords are striking next to another. Not the prettiest sight ! But let’s remember that The tower is not always negative. Actually, one sometimes need a shock to come alive. (remember the needle thing through the heart in Pulp Fiction ? ). Well, who wants to go through that ? But if it is the only way to come back from the dead … one takes the option right ? The 10 of Swords is clearly the victim or someone who feels that way, defeated. So to me this looks like she is going to acknowledge her hurt in a very sudden way or she is going to go through a tough experience which is going to be painful. To the very least it is going to rock her foundation. I would advice her to enjoy some time out of her work, go out a little bit more, or she is going to end up in total burn out. In an health reading, that tower and the 10 of swords speaks of a surgery, a hospitalization. Also, some other issues were addressed here : the Tower also represents our ego and the 10 of Swords doesn’t look like a winner here right ? So the 2 of them, I feel here, are related to low self esteem. And that may actually be the energy around the situation : because she doesn’t feel right with herself, she doesn’t allow herself to open up to someone and only dedicate herself to work. My intuition tells me that THIS is spot on, THIS is the core problem and solution.

Okay, while the party is not around the corner with that combo. there is still something positive in every situation. The character in the 10 of Swords seems to be a person who is jumping out of the Tower card and who hit the ground after a long fall. So it can’t go further down from there. It is as down as can be. The positive ? The only way is up then !

The 10 of Wands shows that exactly. In a very realistic way: “No one said it was going to be easy”. The 10 of wands speaks of courage, not giving up, keep on keeping. Having heavy stuff to carry on. It doesn’t mean you are going to end up alone; but there is quite a way to go. Don’t loose your courage : and it is up to you to make that journey interesting. Everything you learn in the process, will make you wiser and more interesting too. The distance the character has to go, might imply that there might a geographic distance between her and the person she is going to be with. My intuition tell me so anyway.

So, let’s look at the 2 ten in this draw : 10 of Swords and 10 of Wands

The outcome shows the character who picked the swords out of his own body and only carries the lessons learned from the bad experience as wands . The Swords changed into Wands if you prefer. But not by sheer magic, only because the character from the 10 of swords got back on his feet and decided to walk again. It shows that we can take from very painful experience, and even if we suffer from it, we can take the lesson and move forward.
the last 3 cards seems to say : “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger …” (Honestly, I don’t know how many times I have been told about that one … I guess it is true, but when you are bleeding it is tough to take … )

well, I hope you enjoyed this little analysis of the reading. As you may notice, even if some cards are not speaking about total bliss I try to put a message that can be useful for the querent … I think there was a saying that said something like there is no problem only solutions …
Good to be back ^^


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The “Who am I” spread : case analysis

1. Who I am currently ~ The High Priestess
2. What I don’t know about myself
~ 8 of Wands
3. What I should give up from now on ~ 5 of Pentacles (reversed)
4. What I should develop ~ 8 of Pentacles (reversed)
5. What I wish to become ~ The Emperor (reversed)
6. My current quest ~ Knight of Wands (reversed)
7. Where this quest is leading me ~ 9 of Wands

Here is a little case analysis.

1. Who I am currently ~ The High Priestess

Someone trusting my inner voice, my intuition. Learning about spirituality. Developing potential that might be currently hidden, but growing nevertheless. As I am currently trying to develop my tarot skills, and willing to develop this blog, I’d say this is a good omen, to have the high priestess coming up.

2. What I don’t know about myself ~ 8 of Wands

8 of wands

Things are going to place at a very fast speed. What I don’t know about myself is the fact that this can be stimulating in a very big way, whether it is for myself, or for someone else.

3. What I should give up from now on ~ 5 of Pentacles (reversed)

I should stop being so anxious and be more relaxed about my path. After a period of difficulties, it is about time I realize my head is above the water now. Troubles are behind me : I am not fully aware of it though.

4. What I should develop ~ 8 of Pentacles (reversed)

I should test my techniques, and be relaxed about it. I might be too much focusing on details, and should look about the whole picture. I should question my motives as well.

5. What I wish to become ~ The Emperor (reversed)

I wish I was more critical and develop a better sense of self-esteem. The fact that this card is reversed shows my hesitation, my fear of letting go. But I definitely wish to feel free from restrictions.

6. My current quest ~ Knight of Wands (reversed)

I am having trouble concentrating on my goal. Indeed, things have been all over the place recently, and I had very little time to accomplish what I wanted at the level I wanted to reach. I have yet have to remind myself that one day only consists of 24 hours, period ! I am just restless.

7. Where this quest is leading me ~ 9 of Wands

I am going to heal from previous hurt. And not feel so much on my guard. I won’t be as anxious as I used to be. A battle will be won. So even if this doesn’t speak of a celebration, relaxed time such as in the 4 of wands card, it is still a good card to get. I will feel involved in my battle as I go on my path.

Hope you enjoyed this reading,

Cheers, Jayce

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Cards about love

the loversace of cupsAce of Wands

Love is of course one of the main reasons people ask for a reading. Not that I am complaining. I just shuffled my deck today, and flipped the cards one by one.
As I looked at each card, I jotted down these thoughts trying to connect them with events related to love. Well, of course, all cards could be related to this topic in some way or another, but some seems to be more obvious than others. I’ll start only with the upright cards. I’ll keep the reversed for another post.

The lovers card comes to mind of course, but contrary to popular belief this may remain platonic. It may speak about the affection 2 individuals have for one another. So it may sometimes indicates a soul mate but this could be the friend you’ll keep for a lifetime. Or maybe just an indication that you are at present in your life, listening to your physical and spiritual needs when making a choice.

The Ace of Cups is showing a time when you discover about love, about expressing it and receiving it. My stepsister that I love dearly, and who’s lucky in love and doesn’t know anything about tarot; just once looked at the whole deck. I actually was wondering what would be her reaction to the cards as she has no notion of the card’s meaning, she just looked at the Ace of Cups and said “This looks beautiful. Very catholic in a way, but I love the details of it”. By the way, it was the medieval Scapini tarot deck. So the Ace of Cups is about a new relationship, or taking the existing relationship to the next level.

The Ace of Wands is a very phallic looking card. It may means fertility, but one thing for sure when you get this as an answer for a relationship reading, the spark between the 2 individuals is there and this could lead to a passionate fling, if not a relationship. It says physical action. Think “Start me up” by the Rolling Stones when you see this card.

2 of cups3 of cups The 2 of Cups is the sharing between 2 individuals. The sharing is beneficial for both and both are working on the relationship. The 4 of wands and/or the 6 of wands is for the commitment. The 10 of cups is also a good indicator.

The 3 of Cups may simply denote friendship, a party. But it may point a marriage/commitment : the celebration party. Look if the Empress is around, she is the mother card, the home stability. (and if there is one of the Pages : it may indicate a women’s pregnancy). Look for the 9 of pentacles as well. When it comes to being committed, the 8 of pentacles shows the will to work on the relationship, doing what’s right to make it work. The 6 of wands is the coming home with success. The 4 of wands alone may mean redecorating a house, but with the other 2 cards : moving in with someone, making room for a relationship … the 10 of cups which shows a loving family could indicate a true bliss.

8 of pentacles6 of wands4 of wands10 of cups

8 of wandsThe 8 of wands on the other end speaks about something happening quickly. It doesn’t promise to stay. It may also represent someone who’s making a move on you. But it could move out as soon as it moves in. “Carpe diem”. Enjoy, but don’t look yet for commitment, first things first. Think “I need U tonight” by INXS.

5 of cups

The 5 of Cups shows sadness. it is the mourning card. along with the 9 of swords it may point to serious issue like depression, endless nights without sleep, crying for the lost love. Look if there is the Tower and the Death card as well, it could lead to something very serious like a nervous breakdown, something very hard to go through.

8 of cupsThe 8 of cups is someone leaving the relationship if there is one. Which can be a good thing if it is an abusive relationship. and if there is none, it might be someone who’s leaving pain, sadness, grief behind in order to seek something more fulfilling. If the relationship was a bad one, then it is a good sign, you leave the pain behind, you keep on going on your journey, looking out for a better place for you in the world.

The 3 of swords is yet another card that shows the pain one has when a meaningful relationship is coming to an end. I see the 7 of cups as illusion in love, not knowing what you need or want in a relationship, especially associated with the Moon for example.

3 of swords7 of cupsthe moon4 of cups

The 4 of cups is a card you may get when being bored in a relationship. maybe it is a sign that love has turned into a dull routine. If the 7 of pentacles is around, you might be reconsidering options. Should I stay or should I go ? You are in need of “Alive and Kicking” (Simple Minds).

5 of pentaclesthe hermit

The 5 of pentacles is being poor in the matter of the heart ( if the question is about love of course) this card is about financial matters, but in regards to feeling : it shows being left out, not having a home to come to. The Hermit is a solitary individual, who could though long for a soul mate, but also someone who’s dedicated to something else in life, and has no wish to fall in love.

10 of wandstowerpage of cups10 of cupsthe empress

The 10 of wands : someone is carrying all the burden of the relationship on his shoulder. It may show an abusive relationship, or someone who’s always victimizing himself. Or maybe just overloaded with work, and is not looking for any other trouble at the moment.

The Tower is actually tricky and should be analysed with the cards around it. Could be a love at first sight thing, but also the brutal ending of a love affair that really alter your view on relationships.

The page of cups is a messenger of love, the very beginning of a love affair, the early states.

10 of cups shows a happy family. the empress is the card of fertility, the mother card.
These 2 together with the ace of wands could indicate the addition of a little one to the family.

temperancethe hanged manthe starthe devil

Temperance may show a time when you are feeling good with yourself. If you have suffered a break up in the past, you are now sort of having a balanced approach. You may not be ready to have a relationship yet, but you are experiencing peace of mind.

The Hanged Man may show a humanitarian. Someone expecting stuff to happen also, not the kind to make a move, but the kind who’s waiting for the other one to make the move. I have seen it in reading representing someone that was “once bitten twice shy”, yet compassion is there as well. The Star card is indicating a renewal in faith and hope for life as well.

The devil is a card indicating passion in some reading. But you have to look for the cards around it, because this can indicate a passion that is blind. And maybe destructive. Surely not the quiet type.

Any court card appearing in the reading may indicate the type of person around you, the kind of person the universe is sending to you.

well, that’s it for now. Hope this is helpful. I feel I deserve my coffee now. Jayce.

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