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The “Who am I” spread : case analysis

1. Who I am currently ~ The High Priestess
2. What I don’t know about myself
~ 8 of Wands
3. What I should give up from now on ~ 5 of Pentacles (reversed)
4. What I should develop ~ 8 of Pentacles (reversed)
5. What I wish to become ~ The Emperor (reversed)
6. My current quest ~ Knight of Wands (reversed)
7. Where this quest is leading me ~ 9 of Wands

Here is a little case analysis.

1. Who I am currently ~ The High Priestess

Someone trusting my inner voice, my intuition. Learning about spirituality. Developing potential that might be currently hidden, but growing nevertheless. As I am currently trying to develop my tarot skills, and willing to develop this blog, I’d say this is a good omen, to have the high priestess coming up.

2. What I don’t know about myself ~ 8 of Wands

8 of wands

Things are going to place at a very fast speed. What I don’t know about myself is the fact that this can be stimulating in a very big way, whether it is for myself, or for someone else.

3. What I should give up from now on ~ 5 of Pentacles (reversed)

I should stop being so anxious and be more relaxed about my path. After a period of difficulties, it is about time I realize my head is above the water now. Troubles are behind me : I am not fully aware of it though.

4. What I should develop ~ 8 of Pentacles (reversed)

I should test my techniques, and be relaxed about it. I might be too much focusing on details, and should look about the whole picture. I should question my motives as well.

5. What I wish to become ~ The Emperor (reversed)

I wish I was more critical and develop a better sense of self-esteem. The fact that this card is reversed shows my hesitation, my fear of letting go. But I definitely wish to feel free from restrictions.

6. My current quest ~ Knight of Wands (reversed)

I am having trouble concentrating on my goal. Indeed, things have been all over the place recently, and I had very little time to accomplish what I wanted at the level I wanted to reach. I have yet have to remind myself that one day only consists of 24 hours, period ! I am just restless.

7. Where this quest is leading me ~ 9 of Wands

I am going to heal from previous hurt. And not feel so much on my guard. I won’t be as anxious as I used to be. A battle will be won. So even if this doesn’t speak of a celebration, relaxed time such as in the 4 of wands card, it is still a good card to get. I will feel involved in my battle as I go on my path.

Hope you enjoyed this reading,

Cheers, Jayce


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Reading about a love relationship

The question:
What does the future hold for me in relationships in the next future ?
The time frame chosen was: the next 3 months.

Layout : the horseshoe spread

9 of wands reversedknight of cups reversedknight of wands8 of pentacles reversed6 of swordsthe hanged man

the past : the 9 of wands reversed
the present: Knight of Cups reversed
the next future: Knight of Wands
the answer: 8 of Pentacles reversed
the surrounding energies: 6 of Swords reversed
the attitude: the Hanged Man
the outcome: The Ace of Cups
additional card for the next future: the Emperor
additional card for the outcome: Queen of Cups reversed

The 9 of wands reversed. In the past, there was a relationship that didn’t end well. As a consequence, she’s on the alert, somewhat insecure about intimacy. The present is the Knight of Cups, reversed that is : her vision of love is not realistic, it clouds what life may actually be offering to her. An immature attitude towards romantic affairs is shown here.

She might be day-dreaming at this point. This might feel like a gloomy period to her. In the next 3 months, there might be someone enthusiastic, and passionate making a move. It could also be someone who moves, who travels, someone you meet as you are travelling. (the Knight of Wands).
There, an extra card was chosen : the Emperor. The card is upright. Compared to the past, and the present card, it shows at least that energies with the Knight and the Emperor are actually more positive. Both cards are upright. Be on the look out, the Knight of Wands is not always reliable, but the Emperor balances that. He is practical and reliable. The material and practical aspects are important things to him. The Knight of wands and the Emperor have this in common : qualities of leadership, going forward, demanding on the negative side may be someone too controlling. Now, could it be qualities of the client : it may portray her as being very active in her professional field. Being on the go with her career ensuring that the material aspect of her life is under control.

The Hanged Man sees her being bound, maybe to her past. The 9 of wands and the Knight of Cups (both reversed) already tends to show that. But this one is more positive as it also denotes that she may see things under another angle, she has the ability to develop a philosophy to live by and gain inner strength from that. It doesn’t show her making a move forward, but being contemplative towards love matter. A period of Re-evaluation. When being hung up like that you’re of course going nowhere but the option of looking inside is available.

Waiting for a change can that way be fruitful, if you re-adjust what you need in life, what you expect from love. The Knight of Cups reversed shows somewhat unrealistic wishes at the present. The energy surrounding the question shows the 6 of swords reversed which re-inforce the idea of being in a state of limbo. But it also says that the stability of her life is driving her nuts at this point, something is driving her to the point of conflict. The hanged man and the 6 of swords combined suggests standstill and advice her to examine her belief. The combination of the 6 of swords reversed and the hanged man make me think about “storm under the quiet surface of the water”.

The outcome is the Ace of Cups. There, we have at least something positive ! This ace shows a new understanding of love, maybe the beginning of a relationship. An opening of the heart. An add card was pulled at this point : the queen of Cups reversed. indicating mood swings. Thus, there are still some unresolved issues from the past that might prevent her to meet someone in the next 3 months.
The 8 of Pentacles reversed as the answer tends to confirm that option as it might means “workaholic”. There is still a long memory of emotional pain that are in the way of meeting someone, she will be probably too busy with work in the next months to meet someone. Still the possibility to learn from the past is there with the ace of cups and the hanged man, and this is something she’ll use afterwards not only in relationships but in her every day life as well. And life with the Knight of Wands and the Emperor won’t be dull. Those 3 months will be over before she knows it.

Cheers, hope you enjoyed this reading and the analysis of it. Comments are welcome,


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Cards combination for travel

Traveling is a Topic I love to read about at the moment. People usually ask questions about relationships, work, moving house, money of course … And I’ll post comments and case analysis on these topics as well.
But as I love to travel, I’ll start with cards that shows the possibilities for travelling. 😀

Cards and Travel

In the major trumps :the chariot, the fool, the temperance, judgment, sometimes the wheel of fortune and the world
In the minor cards : 8 of wands, the 6 of swords, 8 of cups,
In the court cards : Knight of wands, Page of swords

Delays in travelling : the chariot reversed, ace of wands reversed, the hermit

Standing still : the hanged man, the 4 of swords, the knight of pentacles reversed, the 8 fof wands reversed

Travelling by road : the chariot associated with the 8 or the 3 of wands.The car is sometimes seen in a layout through the combination Chariot + Wheel of fortune; a motocycle is the Wheel of fortune + Judgment.
Judgment means fast, thus wheel + judgment = a fast wheel ; the chariot associated with the judgment would be a fast (sport) car; chariot + Wheel + judgment as well.
Travelling by air : the page of swords, the eight of wands, ( I see the world and the fool as meaning “far away”).
Temperance is the holiday card, associated with the sun : well, summer holiday of course 🙂

The 6 of swords is tricky and should be analysed with the cards around : it’s not exactly a card that means travel but more a travel away from difficulty, gradual change, a movement. Long journeys and passage from pain are also shown here.An initiatic quest maybe ?
Whenever I see the 4 of swords, I see a period of rest and restauration of energies.
The knight of pentacles reversed means stagnation.
Standing still may also be represented by the 6 of swords reversed : things may remain as they are
The ace of wands reversed means a false start, no the travel may be postponed; the world reversed also means a desire that will be delayed.
On a side note, the 8 of swords might also mean being paralysed and not being able to move away at the present time. The 8 of wands upright is the “all system go” card, I translate it as “stop” whenever it is reversed.

I guess posting some case analysis here around the topic might be the one thing to do. Cheers !
I’ll upload the pictures later on, I don’t know why but every time I go in the “add media” little dialog box, it adds the pictures in the media gallery but not on the page … and it take quite some time to copy/paste the permalink every time !

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