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The Grand Tableau / Part 1

Hi there,

I am currently writing a book about the Lenormand and the Tarot, developing a part of the writing to the theory and other parts to case studies using different layouts.

This is the first post concerning The Grand Tableau. I’d love to develop the theory of this layout and later on make case studies using this layout. This spread is using all the cards of the lenormand deck. Needless to say, you can get a lot of informations from it but it isn’t the easiest. This spread is using several concepts all at ounce : theme cards, the principle of houses in the layout, the surrounding cards, diagonal readings of the cards and so on …. If you use it, note the cards you are getting in your diary of readings, and see later on what happens in your life, and how it was indicated in the layout. Chances are you will learn faster that way. Here below is the way you should put the cards on the table. First you shuffle the deck as much as you feel like, and then you cut the deck. Personally, I always take note of the cards in the cut; they seem to give a message, a hint, a clue about the reading. Then, you put both part together as one, and place all the cards on the table starting from the upper left, and going from left to right, top to bottom. Other posts will develop the theory for this specific layout.



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Lenormand oracle deck : a case analysis about love

This is a case analysis with the Lenormand cards. The reading is about a love relationship, and I decided that the 2 paths spread would the one to give the most information. This spread uses a theme card, which is taken out of the deck and placed on the table. Since it is a reading about love, the theme card is The Heart (24). The 2 paths spread is useful to have informations and insights about 2 different options.

Context of the question : she is single, and is hoping for a relationship that would last and of course make her fulfilled and happy. She has a friend who is very kind, and at times, she’s been wondering whether that friendship would evolve into a love relationship. Or is there someone else out there for her ?

Question asked :
Is my friend meant to be my partner in a love relationship or am I meant to be with someone else ?

The cut : the Rider (1) + the Book (26).

The cut is indeed mysterious ! There is something definitely on the way. I don’t believe she is going to remain single that long. She is going to have unexpected news; or meet someone by surprise. Now, I have to look at the other cards because this may also be her friend (the rider) who is having a secret. Is he secretly attracted ? My first impression though was that there is someone coming, someone on the way. The book also seems to say that this person is unknown to the querent.

Now for the 2 lines :
The first line stands for the person the querent knows already, only a friend. No love relationship going on yet. The second line stands for some other person that might be the querent’s soulmate.

the Tree, the Scythe, the Mice, the Lady, the Child

The first line isn’t bad, but it seems to speak more about a story that would help her to rebound, gain some faith in life. But according to me, the idea of a relationship with that person is going to be short lived. The friendship may of course remain between the two of them, but it won’t be a love relationship. Actually I think the friend is here shown by the child card. He is someone playful and helping here to cope through the painful times (The Mice).

The Man, the Dog, the Clover, the Tower, the Key

The second line :
The Man card is easy to understand, and with the Dog by its side : it seems to scream “soulmate” right here. The Dog indicates someone faithful and that can be trusted. That one is a keeper : friendly, loving and reliable ! The Clover and the Tower might give some clues about the nature of the relationship or his personality. The Clover : funny, bright, good sense of humor,positive thinking. The Tower could mean that he is single and somewhat isolated. But also, may be an indication about the way he looks, the tower stands for someone tall. The Key is the yes card, that person is going to be a key player in her life. The key is a sign of destiny !

(On a sidenote, I also sensed that the Tower here was the sign of her ideal. This guy seems to be keeping up with her. The Child in the first line seems to say that her friend is just that : a friend, not someone who could live up to her high hopes and ideal. She needs a man, not a little boy …)

As a conclusion, better remain friends with the person she knows already. They are fond of each other and their friendship is stable. And there is someone coming into her life that is going to be her partner, and that person will be very important to her.

Feedback pending 😉
She will keep me posted !

Hope you enjoyed the case analysis about this love reading,

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A spread for the Lenormand cards

This spread is very useful whenever you have a choice to make and hesitate
between 2 options.
You may get more insight for each options or a simple yes or no type of answer.
I have been using it for quite some time now, noting down the cards I was
getting for myself or the person I was reading for and then after a while
according to what was happening or the feedback I received, I definitely
think it is an effective spread for the Lenormand deck.
Even though there is no reason you shouldn’t use it with tarot cards, whatever works for you.

This is the way to proceed :
You first have to take one specific card out of the deck.
This card is representing the theme of the reading and act as a
“Significator”. (more to be read on that topic : how to choose a theme card).

Example 1. for a reading about love : the Heart (24) will be taken out of the
deck and be the Theme card.
Example 2. for a reading about travelling : the Ship (3) will be the theme card.

Your theme card will be placed in front of you, as you shuffle the deck and concentrate on your question and the 2 options you are considering.

You should know what is path 1 and path 2.
Example : concerning traveling, option number 1 would be “traveling to Italy during this summer”, and option number 2 would be “not going on holiday this year and saving the money” !
And the cards for each path will give you insight of what is best to do.

When you are finished with shuffling,you cut the deck in two parts.
I personnaly take a look at the cut, as I found it sometimes give an extra info about the reading.

After replacing the deck together as one; the first 5 cards will be for option / path 1 and the next 5 cards will be for option / path number 2.

Some may prefer to place all the cards of the deck into a fan shape on the table, and pick 5 cards for the first option, and then 5 others for the second option. Again, this is how you feel about it, but should be decided before shuffling. The reading may now take place.

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5

The theme card

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5

Hope you will find this helpful, I will post case analysis for this spread so we can study with real life example.


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Tarot spread : the who am I layout

This spread is very helpful whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced user of Tarot. As a beginner, it helps you to develop a relationship with the cards as you project your feelings intuitively. It only uses 7 cards, so it is not overwhelming. A nice tool for projection, I believe. I do believe that Tarot card can be very effective in order to help yourself reflecting upon your path in life. Hope you enjoy …


1. Who I am currently
2. What I don’t know about myself
3. What I should give up from now on
4. What I should developp
5. What I wish to become
6. My current quest
7. Where this quest is leading me

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Layout : how someone is

I found this spread at Aeclectic Forum : I love that place. If you wish to learn tarot, discover decks, share your passion with a very friendly community, it’s the place to be. You can lurk as much as you want before deciding if you wish to register. I registered a time ago, and only started to post a few days back, I found it very fulfilling, well beyond my expectations. So if it’s not clear already, get there, enjoy the journey 🙂

This spread was posted by a member, and as soon as I found it, I knew I’d have to try it very soon. It’s the “How someone is ?” spread. You can really develop a strong reading here, may not be the one you should try if a complete newbie though. Just like the human psyche, it is multi-layered and therefore connecting all the informations you may get from this layout is not the easiest task. Depending on your skills this type of reading can take 30 min up to 90 min. It uses 15 cards so it’s quite thorough, covering many sides of a personality. You can do that for yourself or or person you want to know about. You can use it as well for creative writing, developing characters in your story, as you elaborate a scenario.


example of the layout

How someone is (15 layout spread)

  1. Mental State
  2. Emotional State
  3. Physical State
  4. Family life
  5. Work life
  6. Home life
  7. Friendships
  8. Relationships
  9. How he/she feels about me (or “how am I perceived in general by people” if you do that reading for yourself)
  10. What he/she’s ending
  11. What he/she’s beginning
  12. Success/Reward
  13. Fears/Concerns
  14. Unexpected
  15. Him/Her overall

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The 7 card layout

Horseshoe Spread
This is a common layout technique, I’ve been using it for years now and I do think it’s quite effective. You get a very detailled view of the question including the past, and the consequences and possibilities ahead.
Basically, you shuffle the whole deck, reversing the cards occasionnally. You may cut the deck if you feel the need and then slide the cards into a line. Select 7 cards while concentrating on your question. Place the cards on the table in the order they are selected.
The interpretation of the cards is according to their positions :

  1. The past : can sometimes be up to 24 months ago.
  2. The present : 4 weeks either side of the day you do the reading
  3. The future : Usually up to 3 months in the future.
  4. The Answer : you read this card last, despite being the 4th card, as it is the answer to the question.
  5. The Surrounding energies : people or circumstances surrounding your client or related to the question at present
  6. The attitude : the hope and fears (surrounding the questions)
  7. The outcome : the outcome of the present situation up to 24 months from now is shown here.

I tend to read the fourth and seventh card together as they are strongly related.

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