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My card of the day : la Papesse !

My card of the day is “la Papesse” (the High Priestess) upright : which shows exactly what I am up to, reading the Tarot all day long and doing astrology themes as well. The book stands also for the book I am currently writing about the Tarot and the Lenormand Oracle. I also picked my favorite Oracle : the Triad and 2 cards jumped out of the pack : Death and Eternity. which could mean contact with an entity or research in topics related to spirituality, near death experience, life after death and such. Matter of fact, the book I am currently reading is The Tibetan book of life and death by Sogyal Rinpoché so this is just about right ! You can see the book on the knees of the High Priestess and the topic in the two cards of the Triad. Cheers …

I recently created a Facebook Group for the Card of the Day : you may pick the card of the day for free right here (several tarot and oracle available) : (my professional website) and the link for the Group on FB is on that very page, it is in French but I guess Google may easily translate the text for you, feel free to join ❤


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Lenormand cards combination

the Ship and the Moon recently appeared next to one another in a reading representing the husband of the querent. Usually this combination of cards could make one think about being intuitive and dreamy … Here, in her case, it was referring to the problem she was having with her husband. He is suffering from Alzheimer disease and here it had to be read as : he is moving into the “night”

2 links below if you wish to know more about it and help with a donation ( one link in English, the other one in French)

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Lenormand cards and the Oscar night

83 academy award on the way !

Since I can remember, I always loved the oscars. We are one day away from the Oscars night.

On the eve of the biggest night in Hollywood, I did a spread for each nominee for the Best Actress category.

According to me : Natalie Portman is going to get it !

Shuffling the cards, I “charged” the woman card with the name of Natalie Portman, here below are the cards I got for her :

clover + woman + bouquet + cross + house + horseman + clouds

The most important card being clover and bouquet on the left and right of the woman card. these two cards may indicate that she is the favorite.  And even though the cross is not so far from the woman card, right next to her is the bouquet, so it looks very positive here.

… tree + ring + anchor (the ring here represents the “gift”, thus the oscar) the anchor symbolizing here something solid, stability, established …

… key + letter + bear (and the card letter might represent the envelope)
The key represents an important information, a “key fact” and the bear represents money among other things but also possession so, all in all after looking at the spread in general, I think she will definitely get the Oscar this year.

If I am right, I will maybe do another post doing the full breakdown of the spread, and post the other cards I got for all the other nominees in this category.


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Lenormand cards : a possibly criminal case

A woman disappeared in France, early in the morning , doing her jogging, she actually never came back home. She is actively being searched for.

I used lenormand cards in order to do the reading. The women card is “charged” with her name.

cut :

Sun + Cross (which seems to describe the painful situation taking place right now)

clover + whip + heart + women + lily + cross + birds + man + storks + mice + mountain + bear

the situation doesn’t look good to me. lily + cross, especially regarding to this question may mean a long agony, suffering …

birds mean proximity. so the man (if it proves to be a criminal case), is probably someone from next town, nearby …

storks and mice : a stressful move. did he hurt her by accident, and then fled the scene ?

mountain here doesn’t look good : it is an obstacle and a big one (bear).

all in all it doesn’t look that good. no really good cards implying that she is safe and sound unfortunately.

for more details I pulled 3 cards again

key + scythe + garden

which seems to imply that she has been hurt in a public place … that was the turning point.

for more details again, asking the question “is she dead” ?

tree + fox + coffin

I would say alas yes, and the fox seems to look at the tree … maybe they will find her thanks to trained dogs (canine brigade), but in my humble opinion it is too late …


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Tarot de Marseille

Happy New Year 2011. I wish you all the best in the world, happiness, health, prosperity throughout the year.

In the next few weeks, I will probably post about the Tarot de Marseille since it is the tarot that I use the most, and that I have studied throughout the years. So, this means, readings will be posted, theory about the cards as well, lots of stuff on the way. I am definitely happy about this. I will also post readings done with the little Lenormand.



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Follow up on readings

I am going to open a new section on this blog very soon concerning the follow up on the readings I have done so far as there are many updates …. and maybe on this one who knows ? I am so curious right now ! I am intrigued …



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The Chariot

the chariotThis is a Major arcana I’ve always loved, no matter what. There are some cards I’ve liked or disliked throughout the years, like the Fool, the Hanged Man or The Emperor, but I always liked the Chariot. To me, it means something gets moving in the right direction, there is vigor, energy coming through. Determination and bravado, with a sense of panache.

If it represent a person, it is a determined individual, ready to confront and conquer, not someone who’s going to give up if it fails at first. It is a decision taken, and this decision takes account of both the mental/practical side of it, but also the feelings/intuition side of things.

When I did my first readings I just assumed the card showing a positive outcome, now as years have passed, and I (hopefully) became a bit wiser, I also take note that there are lots of duality also showing in the card. So, when it is in the position of an advice, I see it as a “focus your energy” type of mantra. You have to take the lead position, or these horses/sphinxes in front of the chariot will take you to quite another place you didn’t want to go at first ….

It requires having faith in oneself, and if need be take the road less traveled. Getting what you want in life, is not only being committed, talented, capable, but also requires a certain amount of luck : being in the right place at the right time … The Chariot in some layouts might just mean that, take a chance, life won’t take you there if you don’t make that move yourself first. Discover your potential, harness yourself for the long haul, get it all together, focus and find your “vehicle”.



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