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Case analysis : a 3 card draw around a problem

Root of the problem : Queen of Cups

The way to manage the problem : 7 of Swords

The resolution of the problem : Ace of Swords

What I noticed immediately here is that the problem is a card of the water/cups suit. Cups represents emotions. And both of the cards that speak about how to deal with the problem are Swords. Swords represents the way we think, our intellect. It stands for mental energy. It basically says cut the emotional crap, now it is about time to use strategy !

The problem here is too much emotions. Emotionnal balance is lacking, and the way to feel better here is by using what the Swords are about. So to speak, don’t allow yourself to “feel” too much, because at this point you are just drawning and dwelling too much. Allow yourself to “think”, the solution will come from there. Clarity of the mind will bring you your balance back.

The 7 of swords is a card that I had to have in several readings in order to fully understand what it meant. Enigmatic it is ….

Have you seen that there are 2 groups of Swords ? The ones carried by the person are completely differently designed, than the 2 others that are put into the ground on the right side of the card. Here it seems to say, “face the facts”. You might not know the whole problem now, some stuff are still in the shadow and you don’t know what to make of it. But you have to face reality.

The 5 swords that are all in black represents what is heavy to carry on, and what we don’t know yet. when we will know about it, then we will be able to put them in the right place in our mind or in our lives. Because we don’t know about those yet, we have to carry them around. Until we got them figured out.

The things that are already figured out are the 2 swords in the ground. They are not just a simple black drawing, some sort of shadowy stuff. They have all the details designed.

Prepare yourself, it seems to say. Don’t give up, but know that you don’t possess every detail about the situation. Some stuff has to be discovered on the way and require more analysis, more research and more preparation. The resolution of the problem will come from analysis not from the heart.

Also, because the person in the card seems to have taken the swords and is getting away with them, like he stole them, maybe. It seems to say that learning the strategy “of the enemy”, and using their strategy, their solution for your own problems might be beneficial. Ideas may come from an unexpected source than usual.

The ace of swords in here very clear to me !

We will be able to cut to the problem. We will be able to phrase it. And understand clearly what is going on here …. It might also indicate surgery. But a new direction and specific action towards the problem will take place.

Ah well, this makes sense to me. Someone very close to me in undergoing a lot of medical exams. We already know that it is serious matter. There are still some medical stuff that have to be figured out. And I am definitely that Queen of cups right at the moment, who doesn’t know how to deal with all of those feelings. Indeed, here feelings won’t help, searching for the right help, the right surgeon etc… is the only way to go …..

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