My card of the day : la Papesse !

My card of the day is “la Papesse” (the High Priestess) upright : which shows exactly what I am up to, reading the Tarot all day long and doing astrology themes as well. The book stands also for the book I am currently writing about the Tarot and the Lenormand Oracle. I also picked my favorite Oracle : the Triad and 2 cards jumped out of the pack : Death and Eternity. which could mean contact with an entity or research in topics related to spirituality, near death experience, life after death and such. Matter of fact, the book I am currently reading is The Tibetan book of life and death by Sogyal Rinpoché so this is just about right ! You can see the book on the knees of the High Priestess and the topic in the two cards of the Triad. Cheers …

I recently created a Facebook Group for the Card of the Day : you may pick the card of the day for free right here (several tarot and oracle available) : (my professional website) and the link for the Group on FB is on that very page, it is in French but I guess Google may easily translate the text for you, feel free to join ❤


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