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2 of Swords

2 of swords I like this card ! Most people don’t. Now, when I read about it I get explanations such as : she turns her back on emotions, emotions symbolized here by the ocean behind her. As she is blindfolded, she refuses to see clearly. And she is passive. The woman is delaying the moment when she’ll be facing the truth and emotional facts are ignored. Well … I don’t see it that way … At all !

Let me break this down : the ocean being her emotions , and Swords in tarot representing “Thinking” , I see this as high concentration. Sometimes we don’t see well with our eyes, we get used to what we see and we don’t pay attention to details anymore; she is seeking another “point of view”.

She is listening to the sound of the ocean, and elaborating a strategy. The blindfold forces her to reflect upon things differently. Just like when you put a blindfold on your eyes and try to cross the room : in a way, you are a lot more careful than usual. I don’t remember what the movie is, but it was a sort of Kung-fu story. Or maybe Tae-Kwan-do …. Whatever. The apprentice had to learn to fight his opponent with a blindfold, so he became very good at hearing things, and of course, became a very good fighter. This is how I see the woman in the 2 of swords card, someone who is making a bold decision in life, who knows how to defend her opinion, and stand her ground. She is ready !

I mean, I’ve read before that in order to see clearly the problem she should take off the blindfold. Well, I’m not too sure about that. Let me explain once again. If your enemy is very scary looking, it makes an impact. Have you ever seen Maori Warrior ? Well, she doesn’t let the vision of the opponent scare her, because she is not fighting the same way as most people. The moon in the sky represent that : a creative solution (moon=creativity) to solve problems. She is not judging with a vision that might be tricked to scare her.

Her emotions are backing her up but she doesn’t let it get in the way, she is not over-emotional.2 of swords Crone deck She spends no time being sappy. The Crone deck (man do I love this deck !) is also representing that sort of thing to me as well. A women standing in front of a miror; the mirror is crossed by a ribbon or some piece of mosaic. Remember Alice ? The other side of the miror ? Well, this is it to me : she stands in front of the miror, reflecting upon her life ( or a job, a relationship ….) and decides where she fits in that story . it is about what your belief are and where you fit in this world, and whether you want to go on the other side of the mirror … what is real huh ? I love to play around with that question.

Last night, doing a reading, I pulled this card to represent me and I was like “Whoah, I know Kung-Fu !” 😀


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