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Oscars feedback

Okay, next time I’ll just do another spread with Lenormand cards 😉
Even though, now when I look at it (of course!) I see that it had to be Colin Firth …
Ah well … lesson learned !
And I don’t practice with the pendulum for long enough to count on that anyway … if I needed a proof of that, I have it !
Good for experimenting but that’s it about it for now. (Bummer ………………)

Colin Firth had those cards
gentlemen + letter + ring + birds

on the left, of the gentlemen : lily + cross (which didn’t look all that good and made me hesitate quite a bit)

but on the right side !!! Come on !!!
Seems obvious right ? It is what I call an answer by the book !

letter : the envelope
the ring : the Oscar
the birds : the committee , the academy
Clear as crystal water, but I don’t know … I wasn’t 100% sure !
Probably because, I was afraid to let my own opinion go in the way.
Before doing the spread, I was like : okay Colin is going to have it anyway ..
This said, James Franco had good cards as well …. This will be subject of another post, as I will do the breakdown of the cards.

Still, I was happy with the result : Natalie Portman had it and “Toy Story 3” as well.
I didn’t post the cards I had for the animated film category, but just to let you know, I used the moon card as a keycard. At least, that was right 😉

Memo to self : look better at what you have right in front of your nose, and leave the pendulum for now !




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Pendulum and the Oscars

Tried something new with my pendulum …. I just asked who would get the Oscar for best actor …

a definite NO for all of them except : James Franco (127 hours)

I honestly wonder who is going to get it : with Lenormand cards, I would have to do a second spread  just for Colin Firth and James Franco : they both had good cards for that question. So it wasn’t very easing determining who would get it with the first spread. The pendulum was swinging back and forth left to right for all of them (that’s how it says “no”) but for James Franco it would make tiny circles … Therefore, answering “yes” … we’ll see then : I am of course very curious at this point !

Have you tried to do spreads for the Oscars ?

Answers a few hours away …



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Lenormand cards and the Oscar night

83 academy award on the way !

Since I can remember, I always loved the oscars. We are one day away from the Oscars night.

On the eve of the biggest night in Hollywood, I did a spread for each nominee for the Best Actress category.

According to me : Natalie Portman is going to get it !

Shuffling the cards, I “charged” the woman card with the name of Natalie Portman, here below are the cards I got for her :

clover + woman + bouquet + cross + house + horseman + clouds

The most important card being clover and bouquet on the left and right of the woman card. these two cards may indicate that she is the favorite.  And even though the cross is not so far from the woman card, right next to her is the bouquet, so it looks very positive here.

… tree + ring + anchor (the ring here represents the “gift”, thus the oscar) the anchor symbolizing here something solid, stability, established …

… key + letter + bear (and the card letter might represent the envelope)
The key represents an important information, a “key fact” and the bear represents money among other things but also possession so, all in all after looking at the spread in general, I think she will definitely get the Oscar this year.

If I am right, I will maybe do another post doing the full breakdown of the spread, and post the other cards I got for all the other nominees in this category.


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Lenormand cards : a possibly criminal case

A woman disappeared in France, early in the morning , doing her jogging, she actually never came back home. She is actively being searched for.

I used lenormand cards in order to do the reading. The women card is “charged” with her name.

cut :

Sun + Cross (which seems to describe the painful situation taking place right now)

clover + whip + heart + women + lily + cross + birds + man + storks + mice + mountain + bear

the situation doesn’t look good to me. lily + cross, especially regarding to this question may mean a long agony, suffering …

birds mean proximity. so the man (if it proves to be a criminal case), is probably someone from next town, nearby …

storks and mice : a stressful move. did he hurt her by accident, and then fled the scene ?

mountain here doesn’t look good : it is an obstacle and a big one (bear).

all in all it doesn’t look that good. no really good cards implying that she is safe and sound unfortunately.

for more details I pulled 3 cards again

key + scythe + garden

which seems to imply that she has been hurt in a public place … that was the turning point.

for more details again, asking the question “is she dead” ?

tree + fox + coffin

I would say alas yes, and the fox seems to look at the tree … maybe they will find her thanks to trained dogs (canine brigade), but in my humble opinion it is too late …


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Lenormand cards : Belgium’s government

Hi there,

following a discussion with Jase, I used the Tower card as a keycard regarding a question about Belgium’s government. There are quite a few problems right now in the country, and we are about to break the record held by Irak of a country with no government, by the 17th of this month.

People have been manifesting on the streets … as this thing seems to last for about wayyyyyyyyyyy too long now.

so, that was for the context if you didn’t know about the whole thing 😉

Question : are we going to have a government any time soon in Belgium ?

I always look at the cut before I fan the cards on the table and pick the cards ….

cut : cross + anchor (oh well …. well anchored pain !)


Fish + Tower + Anchor + Lily + Bear + Dog + Coffin + Scythe + Lady + Book + Sun


the tower and the anchor means : world landmark

anchor is also a long time frame, so it seems that Belgium next big record is underway, no government by the 17th … (nothing to be proud of !)

Especially with the lily next to it, delays, delays, delays …. the lily is also winter, so all we can hope now is the next season, I suppose, to find a solution ….right now, it is a total blockage.

The bear is the sign of all those financial deals that are on the table now and discussed, and a big part of the problem, no solution seems to be reached ….

The bear/dog : financial analyst ….

The bear and the dog on a side note makes me think of Bart de Wever and his “opponent” in politics … Bart is much of a bear physically … Bear may suggest someone very stubborn, who won’t let go, and that is very much him. He is certainly a heavy player in that scene.

(the lily could be the king of Belgium, by the way as it represents an older man).

If we look at a period of time, the bear stands for end of April to end of May (taurus sign).

The coffin : could be the sign of the end of the problem

and what next : the scythe …

This is my worry : they speak of making some part of the land “individual”, independant … so the split, the schism could be inevitable

I pulled a couple of cards afterwards to see where the scythe was going  : the sun is there, but it is so faraway ….

If a solution is underway, it certainly won’t be by the end of the week …

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