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Aces in the Tarot : a flash card

Here is another “flash card” related to the Aces in Tarot. It shows the meaning of the number 1, all the Aces and the suits they are related to … I am currently developing this project as a tool for giving classes on oracle (the Lenormand deck) and the Tarot. It helps to develop creativity, and also is a huge help when learning the meaning of the cards, in a visual and fun way.

Hope you like it and find it useful in your learning of the Tarot


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Ace of Wands

ace of wands

This Ace of Wands is full of energy. Iniating action, starting a new project is all about this card. Your undertake something with a great deal of creativity and passion with this Ace. You might start a new job, but it may also show the birth of a relationship. Energy, courage and enthousiasm are high. A new adventure is at hand. Full of desire, kicking and alive! No time is spent on daydreaming, this cards says “Action !”.

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Ace of Swords

ace of swords
Something must be expressed : an idea, a truth, a need for justice. You will have to be prepared mentally. It represent a challenge that must be dealt with. Being logical and standing strong will be beneficial. The moment has come to analyse the situation and to be enthousiast. Face facts, be honest and objective. Ace are about beginning, and Swords are about ideas: you might develop an idea, a strategy, a plan at this point. Clarity of thought will help you on your path. The road ahead might not be the easiest but this Ace suggest strenght, you can sense the will from this card. The victory will be achieved if you apply mind over matter, show your determination.

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Ace of Cups

ace of cups
This Ace suggest a new relationship, the beginning of a love connection, and if there is already a love connection then it is a new stage in this existing relationship.
The suit of Cups is related to emotional matters, and so the Ace which represent beginnings, is a new “love”.
You feel emotionally and spiritually connected to life at this point. You fall in love with a person or a projet with this Ace, and chances are you will feel deeply fulfilled. It symbolises the understanding of self, the understanding you receive or the understanding you give.

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Ace of Pentacles

ace of pentacles

Simply put, the Ace of Pentacles shows the practical opportunity to start a brand new project. It symbolises the investment of ressources in a project, the possibilities of that opportunity. The ressources available to you may be money, effort, time or energy. Pentacles are related to wealth and thus the Ace of that suit may show a new beginning with money, prosperity, inheritance, a raise in pay, a reward for your investment. The results will be concrete, you have faith in your undertaking and your are anchored in reality. The individual represented by the Ace of Pentacles is earthy, focused and reliable. Knowledge and patience will produce fruits for your labor.

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Ace of Wandsace of swords

The Aces represent beginnings, an opportunity, a fresh start.

An Ace is the root force of the suit it represents. Think about a new approach to beginning things. An Ace carry in itself the idea of a potential, like the Magician card.
Keywords : the root force, the spark, initiating action, forging ahead and taking charge, pionnering, the beginning stages.

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