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The Fool and the 8 of Cups

The Fool is a merry character, innocent and not always realistic. Unaware of the danger and pitfalls that might be on his path, he is willing to take changes. He is looking for novelty. The card displays the Fool basking in the sun.

The character on the 8 of cups in on a journey as well. He is not facing the cards. Actually we don’t see his face, as he is walking towards the background. This character is on a quest, as he is in the need of something new in his life, just like the Fool. The Fool might not necessarily feel the need for novelty but he is experiencing them. The Fool is cheerful, the one in the 8 of Cups has learned a lesson in his life, and maybe the hard way. He has grown dissatisfied with a situation and decides to leave it behind. The Cups in the foreground represent all he has experienced, acquired in his life path that no longer represent something interesting to him. Indeed, the colors in the card are not cheerful as in the Fool card, much darker. it is a card that shows transition and maybe not such a cheerful period.

The Fool character is somewhat unconscious, and therefore because he doesn’t spent his time thinking about the risks he is taking, he has the opportunity to discover new horizons in a very light fashion. On the contrary, the character in the 8 of Cups is aware of all the trouble he has been through. The Fool is at the beginning of a journey, the 8 of Cups has been through some experiences already and he is learning and pondering about the consequences. He is questioning himself, the Fool is trustful and having fun as he strolls about on the cliff. He is not at the beginning of a journey, more on the way, having some experience already. He is not a foolish, innocent individual anymore. If the Fool might represent someone careless, then the 8 of Cups might represent some burden.

About the design on the cards : they both have sticks. The Fool carries his stick on his shoulder, the 8 of cups uses his stick to help himself climb the mountain in order to get away. The Fool seems to be jumping about, his eyes are looking in the sky. The character in the 8 of Cups is walking, eyes on the road he is taking. He also seems to be in a colder environment as he is wearing a coat to wrap himself up. The river in the eight of cups represent the feeling lost/left behind, as water is associated with feelings and emotions.

The Fool is living the moment, the 8 of Cups wants to seek what is next. The Fool suggests vitality and the 8 of Cups is more in the vein of persevering on a quest, leaving stuff behind on purpose.

They both share the idea of going into a new territory. The spirit is very different though.

Thinking about reincarnation for example and applying that to those 2 characters : the Fool is the soul as it steps into his/her incarnation in this life; the 8 of Cups is someone aware of his karma, learning his lessons, as a period of his life is ending and before he goes to the next level.

The Fool is taking whatever that comes, the 8 of Cups is leaving unnecessary stuff behind. The Fool is reaching out, enjoying what is “alive”; the other one is looking in, and dropping what he feels is “dead”.

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