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Lenormand cards combination

the Ship and the Moon recently appeared next to one another in a reading representing the husband of the querent. Usually this combination of cards could make one think about being intuitive and dreamy … Here, in her case, it was referring to the problem she was having with her husband. He is suffering from Alzheimer disease and here it had to be read as : he is moving into the “night”

2 links below if you wish to know more about it and help with a donation ( one link in English, the other one in French)


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Reading about a relationship / Part B

Hi there,

I was thinking about the combination the Garden and the Rider I got as an advice yesterday. This clearly means I should go out there, and have some fun, make new acquaintance. I did a reading with the Garden as a keycard, asking “What kind of place ?”. Here are the cards (they should be read in a line).

the clouds 06the ship 03the tree 05the garden (20)Mountain 21the lily 30the bouquet 09the man 28

the Clouds, the Ship, the Tree, the Garden, the Mountain, the Lily, the Flower, the Man

I remember the 4 central cards I just had when I did my Grand Tableau : Mountain, Lily, Garden and the Anchor. There are some strong connections between the 2 apparently. When doing the Grand Tableau, I was actually asking myself if that meant a place in the mountain, a remote location, Canada, North America, some sort of a resort … And I am finding those cards again in this no layout spread around the theme card : the Garden.

The Clouds and the Ship together in combination seem to imply that there is a distance : I should get there by plane, or train. But it is not next to where I live.

The Ship and the Tree and the Garden. That is some sort of a spiritual gathering. I actually thought of going to some conferences around topics that interest me. I don’t plan to travel in the very next future … this is very intriguing. Maybe these cards are simply telling something that is not going to happen in the next future, but later on. That would actually make sense. The Tree before the Garden could mean a park, but also adds a spiritual notion to it. It is anyway a quiet place, filled with nice energies.

The Garden and the Mountain : This place is a remote place, maybe in the Mountain.

The Mountain and the Lily : a place in winter, under the snow, a high spiritual place. Very serene.

The Lily and the Bouquet followed by the Man : I could meet someone there. The Bouquet means beauty but also Joy, Happiness.

As a conclusion, this could speak about a conference, a seminar, a place where one feels concerned about a spiritual path. Or simply a very quiet place. The place is located far away, not in my neighborhood. I intended to go to a shop that sells tarot cards and books; but I am not sure this is the place that this draw is referring to. According to me, this speaks about another place than that shop. We’ll see. But I don’t intend to go in a remote place in the mountain at the moment. Yet, this is actually what the cards seem to speak about. I will see how this unfolds ! Feel free to add your comments ! 🙂


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The Ship : a flash card

I finally finished the Ship flash card. The Ship is actually my all time favorite card. I love anything related to the concept of “far away”; the travel, different cultures and working on this flash card was sheer fun. The Ship is not just related to travel though, but also to psychology due to the depth of the ocean that is underneath the boat. It is what we cannot see or perceive but what supports us. It is also what takes us away, such as the boat, therefore an ideal, a reverie … I mixed a dreamcatcher, with dolphins, to an old map etc, played with many filters in order to bring unity to all the elements of the card and its keywords. Hope you like it.


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Case analysis : Lenormand cards and animals

This is actually a reading I did for one of my cats who is not showing up anymore. That little cat is an outdoor cat. He is not savage though, love to be carried around and cuddled. After 2 days of not showing up, I took the deck. The keycard is the Fox, for cats so.

question asked : whatever happened to *name of the cat* ?

Interestingly and sadly enough, the last card I pulled was the Fox. This is a technique which consist of shuffling the cards, putting them on the table, picking them up one by one until you get the key card.

The cards that are before and after the keycard are giving informations. As the Fox is the last card, it seems to say there is not future for this cat, or I won’t know anything about this little one in the future. (The right from the card is the future, the left is related to the recent past.)

The Scythe being on the left of the keycard speaks of a severance, something brutal that happened, and caused a shock. As the hurting side of the scythe is pointed toward the Fox, I am afraid the little one is actually hurt. The Ship is among other thing related to travel, faraway location etc … Also, a vehicle. And because the Woman is next to it, She is the one driving the car.

At worse, these cards would say, that a woman hit the cat with her car, and I am not going to learn anything from that cat anymore. At best, the ship means just far away; and thus, the reading would go as such : a woman took away the cat, adopted him and I am no longer going to hear from him anymore.

I usually am an optimist but here it seems to me that the first version is the accurate one. Unfortunately. I just hope that if he got hit by a car, that he didn’t suffer for hours …


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Lenormand cards : animals

This is a post about little pets and bigger ones too 🙂 Some Lenormands cards can actually be related to animals and give you informations about them.

The obvious ones : the Dog ! And the Fish ! The Snake as well, of course. But the Snake may also stands for any kind of reptiles, geckos, … that kind of exotic animals. (Exotism is also indicated especially whenever the Ship is around). The Birds cards : little birds, poultry, owls … The Storks is for bigger birds. The Mice, apart for little mice, can be for hamsters, rats, weasel, beaver …
Maybe less obvious, the Fox can stands for Cats. For bigger animals the Bear is perfect. But the horse will be represented by the Rider.
The Tower may represent the refugee, the vet clinic. The Garden could be the place where you “train” the dog, or the horse. Actually, recently I had it in a reading and it stood for the zoo !


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Lenormand cards study

This is a method I have been using in order to discover the cards, and their combinations. I came up with that idea as I had to find something a little bit more interesting than take the first card, (the rider) and associating it with all the others one by one, then take the card number 2 (the clover) and make all the associations all over again. I basically needed something that would push my knowledge of the cards, and keep the process funny. Indeed, this way is a good way to brainstorm away. So all you need is your deck, paper and pen, and your brain cells 😀

Here I am going to show you in details one of these brainstorming sessions.

You shuffle the deck, and cut. I turn over the upper part of the deck to unfold the card. And then I take 5 cards from the second part of the deck.

example :

the Mountain, (21)

the Key (33), the Tree (5), the Birds (22), the Woman (29) and the Ship (3)

The Mountain and the Key
Put them side by side : what is your first thought ? Before reading my take on it below, you may note your own feelings about it … And then compare.

My answer :
Something very big and something very small.
Something natural and something manufactured.

The Mountain suggests there is something big in the way, something you’ll have to climb or turn around… Most of the time, it symbolizes an obstacle or a delay. (Not always, for example, it can sometimes be very literal : associated with the Sun, it meant my trip to the Grand Canyon !).
The Mountain cannot be moved, while you can carry the Key around.
The Key is something little, but it symbolizes something important. A solution to your problem or just a certainty.
In that way, The Mountain and the Key both means something that is there and cannot be avoided.
You need the Key (Tool).
You need/have to climb the Mountain (Fact).

In the design of the card, there is a background and a foreground in the Mountain card. The key card, well there is just that standalone object. And nothing else.

the Mountain + the Key
There will be an obstacle to face.

Then I took the 2 next cards : the Tree and the Birds.
Again, you may take note of your impressions and then compare with mine below.

The first thing that came to my mind was : this is like a close up !
The birds are in a nest that is located in the crown of the tree.
Second thing, both are cards related to the nature.
Main difference : “The tree have roots. The birds are free to fly and take their own direction.” I meant by that, that we are the result of our upbringing, education, environment but we are also free at one point to take our own responsibilities and fly in a direction that we choose.

The tree is a symbol for something that brings you an insight, a stability, something that is growing. It stands on this earth for a long time, some actually are several centuries old. Also something that protects you as you can sit next to it. Think about the feeling of peace that one can feel as one walk in a luscious green forest. The feeling of immensity when looking at the top of a sequoia …. I actually saw my first sequoia in California as a child, and I still remember feeling something bigger than life. When one is stressed, one can actually take a great relief just being around trees in a forest. Green is a color that is well known for its calming effect.

The Birds are making noise. They stand for conversation : whether it is a serious conversation or a little chat and gossip. Birds and their singing conveys the idea of chatting.

Birds and Tree are both alive. Related to environment which has to be more respected. Roots and branches. The tree and the birds both makes me think about education : “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, the birds are making a nest to welcome their little ones. Education and what we give to the next generation.I noted “fruitful conversation, education, message” also, on the paper.

The next step is to take these four cards. I put them sides by sides, changes their order on the table, take note of other details on the images. I try to make one single unit out of these 4 parts. The single unit can be an event, an action, a storyline …

My answer :
In the tree card, there is a house in the background : at least, in my deck. There several versions of the little Lenormand deck. Details in the design may vary ! I connected the house in the tree card to the key : the house keys, of course. The tree card seems to depict a location which is in the valley, as opposite to the mountain. A little storyline could be, going to the other side of the Mountain, in order to go back home or visit someone. Enjoying nature, the beautiful views, the wilderness of the surroundings, the sounds of the wind inside of the tree, the sound of the birds singing, and finally after a long walk, opening the door of that little refuge.

Some further thought that came to my mind :
While the house in the tree card is in the valley,the house of the birds are located at the top of a high tree.
The opposition of “high” and “low” places considered both though as being a home made me think that people comes from all walks of life.

The next 2 cards : the woman and the ship.
My Answer :
The woman is standing. The human form is the main thing to notice within the card.
The ship is in movement, and the human form is secondary here in the design. (please again note the variation between several deck : in mine, some humans are on the ship, it is not the case in every deck !).
“Vertical” is seen is the card of the woman.
“Horizontal” is seen in the card of the ship.
The common element here to me is that both are longing for something. The ships longs to travel the see. It longs for the wind to carry itself away. The woman seems to be waiting for something.

The next step is to classify the cards by categories. The name of the categories are suggested by the notes you have been taking all long until now. What would be your categories now ?

My answer :
– Moving and Standing still
– The ones that suggest sounds and those who suggest silence
– Big, small
– Nature and manufactured. Made by nature, created by man.

The last final step is to make combinations, I proceed this way :
The mountain with each of the other 4 cards.
Why the mountain ? Because it was the cards from the upper part of the deck as I made the cut at the very beginning. Again, this is my method, you just play with the cards as you feel. These are guidelines that I found effective for myself; experiment until you seek some way that suits you. This is a suggestion, not a strict rule to be followed.
And finally, I mix all the cards and make combinations 2 by 2, flipping them over and coming up with a meaning.

Conclusion about this method :

I came up with this method, as I was learning the cards a long time ago. It is definitely drawing you closer to your deck, much more than reading a book that includes all the combinations of the cards. This method requires you to be active with your deck, and not passive and ingesting the theory coming straight of a book. Also, if you have friends who enjoy this deck; you can use this method in order to learn together in an afternoon or evening session. Everyone brings his/her own deck, pull the cards, and explain his/her ideas to all the others. I intend to make classes (or seminars), on Tarot and Lenormand cards some day, and this is a method that I would use. Especially when people don’t know each other at the beginning of a class; it is a nice way to kick start conversation and start learning in a fun way altogether !

Hope you enjoyed reading this post,

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The Ship (3)

The Ship is the third card in the lenormand oracle deck. In earlier times, the ship used to be the one way to travel abroad. The Ship rides on the ocean towards the horizon, slowly. You must have patience, it says, it will take time. One is not exactly active here, you are being carried away by the ship. You let things come up to you. The Ship also represents dreams that carries you. As you are sailing on the water, you are considering your hopes and dreams. In fact, this represents travel that takes place for real or “travel in your mind”, the hopes that are taking you away. It speaks about leaving routine behind. Depending on the context : traveling, emigration, different culture, someone well traveled and with a great life experience may be indicated here.

This is a basic start with this card, hope this helps.

Jayce Travel

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